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Fake Teams Hitting the Fantasy Links

Robert is off covering the New Csstle game in Kansas City, so here is Friday's links of interest for you to enjoy over a sandwich, or bagel, depending where you are reading this. Enjoy the weekend. 

Prospect of the Day: Jose Altuve, 2B, Houston Astros - Minor League Ball
John Sickels discusses recently promoted Jose Altuve in his Prospect of the Day, and asks if he was rushed by the Astros. With that said, Sickels is high on Altuve.

Checking Out Hits Per Swing For Major League Pitchers - Baseball Nation
Baseball Nation's Jeff Sullivan takes a look at pitchers hits allowed per swing percentage. I thought this was an interesting exercise, but would have liked to see this data excluding relievers. And similar to Jeff, I get a lot of ideas for articles while showering. Not sure why, but baseball is usually the first thing I think about when I wake up. Everyday. I know....TMI.

More Fantasy links of interest after the jump:

The Saber Toolbox - Beyond the Box Score
Beyond the Boxscore's Justin Bopp is compiling all the saber tools you will ever want. Check it out. Now.

Baseball Prospectus | Future Shock Blog: Minor League Update: Games of July 20
Kevin Goldstein with a plethora of prospect performances from Wednesday night's action.

Leaderboard: Top 10 Holds Pitchers (NL-Only) | Rotoprofessor

Rotoprofessor with the Top 10 Holds leaders for those of you in NL-only leagues that track holds. Who knew Jonny Venters didn'tt lead the NL in holds?

Pedro Alvarez An Answer In Pittsburgh? | FanGraphs Baseball

Fangraphs suggests that the Pirates can bolster their lineup by calling up Pedro Alvarez from AAA. I couldn't agree more.

Biggest Busts: Second Base & Third Base (ottoneu lwts) | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Fangraphs takes a look at the top busts at second and third base this season. I own both of his picks in the UBA league.

Fantasy Baseball Blog at | Fantasy Baseball Trade Deadline Advice

Grey (that's not his real name) from Razzball takes a look at some strategy for dealing with your fantasy baseball trading deadline. I think you should start trading a few weeks sooner though if you are competing for this season.

Fantasy baseball facts, stats trends and interesting splits - Fantasy Baseball - ESPN

Matthew Berry presents a dressed-down edition of his famous Fifty Facts column, featuring interesting splits, stats trends and information, all of them 100 percent factual.

Timetable for Josh Johnson, Johan Santana return still up in the air - ESPN

ESPN's Stephania Bell discusses the injury status of Johan Santana, Josh Johnson and others. Frankly, i don't see Johnson returning this season. And the same goes for Johan.

Jose Altuve’s Size: Boon or Bane? | FanGraphs Baseball

More opinion on Astros second baseman Jose Altuve, this time from Eno Sarris from Fangraphs.

Under The Fantasy Microscope: Ubaldo Jimenez - Roto Hardball

Rotohardball takes a look at Rockies starter Ubaldo Jimenez, and says he's back to his ace ways. I agree, as he has pitched very well of late.

Fantasy Baseball Advice - Fantasy Baseball Cafe 2011

More trading advice from Fantasy Cafe for those of you in keeper leagues and you are competing this year. Actually, this article helps those of you looking to bail on the season as well, as he goes through several trade scenarios.

Dear Mr. Fantasy: Who's (left) on third?

CBSSports takes a look at how bad the third base position was this season. I agree, but think next season will be much better.