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Fake Teams Hits the Fantasy Links

MILWAUKEE, WI - JULY 9:  Johnny Cueto #47 of the Cincinnati Reds pitches against the Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park on July 9, 2011 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The Reds defeated the Brewers 8-4. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)
MILWAUKEE, WI - JULY 9: Johnny Cueto #47 of the Cincinnati Reds pitches against the Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park on July 9, 2011 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Reds defeated the Brewers 8-4. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)
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Today is July 18, the 12th anniversary of David Cone's perfect game. Don Larsen had thrown out the first pitch in a celebration of his own perfect game, thrown during the 1956 World Series.  Today is also the 84th anniversary of Ty Cobb's 4,000th hit and the 41st anniversary of Willie Mays' 3,000th hit.  On this day in 1925, Adolf Hitler published Mein Kampf.  42 years ago today, Mary Jo Kopechne, a passenger in Ted Kennedy's Oldsmobile, died after Kennedy drove the vehicle off a bridge.  Happy birthday to Hunter S. Thompson (1937), Steve Forbes (1947), and Alan Pardew (1961).  Here are your fantasy baseball links for today:

HITTERS: Mid-Season ROTW Rankings | Baseball Guys

The Trade Counsel: Pre-empting the MLB Trade Deadline | Rotoprofessor
Players whose value could be changed if traded.

Fantasy Baseball Two Start Starters, Week 16 | Razzball

5 Players to Buy Low in Keeper Leagues | Fantasy Baseball 365

Specialists On The Waiver Wire | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball
Several one-category wonders

The Knurve To Say: Second Half Guarantees | COSFBA

Behind Kemp, the most valuable outfielder will be Jacoby Ellsbury. I'm starting to believe that he is capable of these power numbers. He's already eclipsed his career high in the majors or minors for one season, but I think the fact that he’s fully healthy and hitting in front of that offense makes him seeeeeeexy.

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Don't Believe The Hype: The Bonifacio and Nunez, Really?, Edition | Roto Hardball

Bonifacio is not a great choice for one of your outfield slots, but if he can keep his line around where it is now -- .288/.360/.383 with 16 steals -- then he definitely has uses at third or short. His numbers will live and die with his batting average, as they always have, so by picking him up, you're betting on him to hit .280 from here on out instead of .250-.260 as is usual for him. He is in his peak years, so seeing him have the best season of his career is believable, but remember that Bonifacio is almost always one of those guys who has amazing ups and depressing downs during the year.

Two pitchers to target in keeper leagues | Fantasy Baseball 365

Morrow is about to turn 27 and is coming up on about one full season since he changed his approach on the mound (see his second half numbers from last season). He's on the cusp of becoming a fantasy ace. Buy low while you still can.


Slump or Dump: Derek Jeter | Roto Hardball

If you are a Derek Jeter owner, I'd try to trade him. He still has his name value, and perhaps you can ride the momentum of his 5 for 5, three thousandth hit day and convince an owner that Jeter may have a decent second half. Don't expect much in return, and take what you can get; there is likely a shortstop in the free agent pool or on the waiver wire who can come close to, if not exceed, Jeter's production for the rest of 2011. If you can't trade him, he probably retains some value if he keeps his cushy spot in the batting order. If he is moved to the bottom third of the order, however, he becomes outright droppable in most leagues.

Mike Stanton Is Pretty Good | RotoSynthesis

In short, based on history, there's a very good chance you are watching the beginning of a Hall of Fame career when you watch Stanton come to the plate.

Carlos Santana, Best Catcher in the AL? | Beyond the Box Score

Santana boasts a .349 wOBA and a wRC+ of 121, both well above average in their respective categories and a fine mark for a catcher. Heck, most position players would give a left leg for a runs created post of 121. Additionally, Santana has eclipsed Avila in home runs despite accumulating around 70 more plate appearances than the Tigers backstop. Santana has been worth just .4 less wins than Avila but again, he's been almost one-hundred points unluckier.

Superman’s Quiet Progress | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Put in proper context, Wieters’ 2011 season is indicative of a young player making solid offensive progress. At a time when hitters are faring worse as a whole, Wieters is showing more power, hitting fewer ground balls and striking out less.

Mark Ellis: Deep League Waiver Wire | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Don’t expect Ellis to be anything other than he is: solid. If you’re looking for a second baseman who could hit .275 with modest power and steals, Ellis is your man. And if he can’t do it, well, someone else probably can.

Brandon Allen Forecast | Sons of Roto

Allen definitely has power and launches plenty of Fly Balls, but the Strikeouts will be a problem. I feel like I was generous with the 34.5% K% as he has a 40% K% though 149 MLB At Bats and hasn't shown any improvement this year. I do not believe Brandon Allen is the answer to the Diamondbacks lack of production at First Base.

Fluke Watch: Tim Stauffer | The Hardball Times

But [Stauffer]'ll give you a pretty good ERA and as many wins as you'll probably be able to get from a weak-hitting team like the Padres, and unlike some other pitchers San Diego has had, since his success is not dependent upon the home run-suppressing features of PETCO park, as his ground balls will play well in any park.

Heeeeeere’s Johnny (Cueto) | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

However, [Cueto] now seems to be pitching like a mini Hideo Nomo, rotating his body around further and pausing before pitching the ball. If executed well, this change could potentially add more deception, hopefully benefiting his BABIP and maybe HR/FB ratio.

Joe Nathan Returns | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

It hasn’t been a large sample, but there’s reason to believe Joe Nathan is ready to close again. His performance since returning from elbow soreness has been tough to discount, and his velocity appears to be creeping back towards pre-injury levels. Perhaps most importantly, he seems to have the confidence of Ron Gardenhire at this point, and a lengthy track record as a dominant closer. Gardenhire has succeeded with Nathan before, and will likely give him a decent leash even if he starts to struggle again.

The dulling of Mariano's cutter | Baseball Analytics

It is becoming increasingly apparent that we are finally seeing the aging of Mariano Rivera.

Marmol Implosion Leaves Quade Questioning | Roto Hardball

Marshall has been a middle relief ace in NL-Only and deep mixed leagues the last two years logging 75 innings last year and he is on pace for the same total again this year along with big strikeout rates (10.8 in 2010; 9.2 this year) and excellent ERA/WHIP (2.68/1.12 in 118 IP since 2010) totals. He is often used in high-leverage situations, too, which allows him to pick up decisions when the game is in question. He notched seven wins a year ago and already has five this year. His value is mostly unchanged by this news in that I still wouldn’t roster him in 10-12 team mixed leagues unless you have larger than normal rosters and you are a Marmol owner looking for insurance on your #1 closer.

Injury Report: July 18: Jose Reyes, Carl Crawford, Grady Sizemore & More | Rotoprofessor

Prospect of the Day: Hector Sanchez, C, San Francisco Giants | Minor League Ball

Sanchez is a 21-year old switch-hitter, listed at 5-11, 235 pounds. He has good athleticism and mobility, although he struggles to control his weight (he entered pro ball at 185) and that will have to be watched as his career progresses. Scouts like his swing and see significant power potential in his bat, but his strike zone judgment is an issue and scouts identify weaknesses against breaking balls.

Kyle Blanks, Trayvon Robinson, Brad Brach: Mining the Minors | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Fantasy Baseball Player Prospecting: Hector Sanchez, more |
Hector Sanchez the latest trying to fill Buster Posey's shoes, plus some promotions of Futures Game pitchers and an injury update on a top prospect.

Minor Accomplishments, Week 16 | Razzball