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More Excerpts from Keith Law Updated Top 50 Prospects and Chat

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On Thursday, ESPN's Keith Law published his updated Top 50 Prospects which I wrote about here. Here are some excerpts from his chat, as well as his 11-20 ranked prospects.

Jamie (Canada)

I noticed that Gary Sanchez wasn't in your top 50 any reason?

  (1:31 PM)

He wasn't there preseason either, and I've gotten horrible reports on his defense. Plus he was sent home for attitude problems earlier this year, which won't endear you to many scouts. Montero was a trickier one - consensus of sources was that I ranked him too high, but I couldn't move the potential of that bat any lower on the list.

Sanchez was Baseball America's #30 ranked prospect coming into the season, but he is hitting just .242-.327-.419 with 9 HRs, 33 RBIs and a 70-29 K/BB rate in 227 at bats in High A this season. It hasn't been a good season for Yankee catching prospects as the shine has come off of them pretty quickly.

Garrett (Bakersfield, Ca)

Keith, I saw that you put Vizciano over Teheran now. Is this more of statement for Vizacaino or a knock on Teheran since breaking ball has not developed further like you though? In a related note, would you offer either of them for Rasmus or would you hold on to them if you were ATL?

  (1:41 PM)

I'm not sure Teheran's curveball will ever be an average pitch, which isn't to say he can't switch to a slider, or even be successful with a 45 breaking ball. But Vizcaino's got the breaking ball now, and other than some questions about his willingness to work with coaches has more top-of-the-rotation upside. Of course I still had Teheran stuffed on the list, just behind some other arms I like better.

KLaw's ranking of Arodys Vizcaino one spot higher than Julio Teheran was the subject of much debate on a fanpost over at Minor League Ball.

More excerpts and KLaw's 11-20 ranked prospects after the jump:

Here are the next 10 in KLaw's Top 50 prospects:

11. Arodys Vizcaino, ATL

12 Julio Teheran, ATL

13. Jacob Turner, DET

14. Jameson Taillon, PIT

15. Aaron Hicks, MIN

16. Wil Myers, KC

17. Jarred Cosart, PHI

18. Manny Banuelos, NYY

19. Jarrod Parker, ARI

20. Travis d'Arnaud, TOR

KLaw isn't the only prospect expert who is still high on Minnesota outfielder Aaron Hicks, even though he has yet to produce in the minors. This season he is hitting .267-.380-.399 with just 3 HRs, 28 RBIs, 11 SBs but owns an excellent K/BB rate of 69-52 in 281 at bats at High A Fort Myers. BA actually moved him up fro  #45 in their pre-season rankings.

Chris (Dallas, TX)

How close is Castellanos to breaking into the top 50? Seems to be holding his own in A.

Klaw  (1:48 PM)

Last report I got on him absolutely killed him, especially on defense. Scout sat on that club for a series and said he couldn't get the ball across the infield. I have no idea why that would be the case.


Wow. I wonder if Castellanos is injured. He is hitting .302-.342-.449 with 6 HRs, 53 RBIs but that comes with a 87-21 K/BB rate in 325 at bats in Low A.

noah (la)

Would Rubby De La Rosa be on this list if he wasnt already pitching in the big leagues? If so where?

Klaw  (2:03 PM)

Yes. Probably top 20-25.

Like I said the other day, LAD's farm system is starting to produce some decent prospects now. de la Rosa has had some ups and downs in the big leagues this season, but has pitched better of late.