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Minor League Monitor - High-A Carolina League

Manny Machado - Orioles  SS  DOB: 07/06/92

Looking at Machado's numbers after 15 games in High-A you might think he is off to a slow start. He has a .220/.333/.360 triple slash that is actually better than it appears. His .360 SLG is a big drop from .483 in Low-A but in that low SLG he has 2 home runs in 15 games which is a 22 home run pace over 162 games. The low slash line can be blamed on a .220 BABIP due to having a few unlucky balls caught. He also has a 9/10 BB/K ratio which show he isn't being overpowered in the advanced league. In a recent 2 game period he drew 6 walks and hit a home run so I think the results will come and a few more balls in play will turn in his favor.

Drew Pomeranz - Indians  SP  DOB: 11/22/88

Pomeranz has pitched 2 scoreless outing in his past 3 trips to the mound and earned himself a promotion to AA. He left the Carolina League with a league leading 1.87 ERA.  He has struggled with control so he may have some difficult times in AA. The nice thing is his stuff is quite hard to hit when it's in the zone so if he can improve his command he will become a very interesting prospect.

Bryce BrentzRed Sox  RF  DOB: 12/30/88

The 2010 first round pick is making a distant memory of his .198/.259/.340 performance in the Penn-State League last year. He crushed South Atlantic League pitching for 2 months and is now doing the same to the Carolina League. Between the two A ball levels he is hitting .338/.391/.658 and has actually improved his power with the level jump, taking his ISO from .288 to .376. He has elite power for A ball and the Red Sox may want to see what he can do at AA before the year is done. From what he is showing this season he could move quickly toward Boston.

Miles Head - Red Sox  1B  DOB: 05/02/91

Head's hitting in Low-A earlier this year was one of the better surprises in the minors this season. He now has 14 games at High-A under his belt but has yet to duplicate his Low-A success. His .255/.328/.412 triple slash is a long way off from the .338/.409/.612 he put up in the South Atlantic League. Head is one of the youngest hitters in the league so you can't fault him for spinning his wheels at the higher level.

Tyler Townsend - Orioles  1B  DOB: 05/14/88

Townsend is showing he has the power to be a fantasy threat at first base and his month-to-month consistency shows a solid hit tool. His plate discipline has disappeared this year. After drawing 10/15 BB/K in 19 Carolina League games last season, he has only 9/63 this year. He is 4/10 in the past 10 games so he is at least correcting the problem. What matters most, though, is when he is making contact he is causing damage.

Jared Mitchell - White Sox  CF   DOB: 10/13/88

Mitchell has been awful at the plate for most of the season but the tide may have turned. In his last 9 games he is hitting .424 with 5 2B, 2 3B, 2 HR and 8/15 BB/K. That is still way too many strikeouts but at least he is causing a raucous when he makes contact.

Robert Ross - Rangers  DOB:   06/24/89

In his third pro season he now has 3 All-Star selections. He has a 2.40 ERA that keeps dropping. He doesn't issue many walks and keeps the ball on the ground to get outs. His strikeout potential in the majors is lower than many top prospects but he could fan 7 per 9 which would be enough to make him valuable thanks to his command and groundball tendencies.