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Fake Teams Hits the Fantasy Links

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Today is June 8. On this day in 1909, Clarence "Cack" Henley threw a 24-inning shutout for the San Francisco Seals of the Pacific Coast League. Henley compiled a 31-10 record and a 1.56 ERA in 386.2 innings that year as the Seals went 132-80. Stephen Strasburg's impressive debut was one year ago today. Today is also the 39th anniversary of the infamous Napalm Girl photograph (link NSFW?). Happy birthday to the late Eddie Gaedel (1925). Here are your fantasy baseball links for the day:

Hitch, ditch, or pitch week 10 | The Hardball Times

Buy or Sell: Catchers | Fantasy Baseball 365

Juggling at Third: Chase Headley, Ty Wigginton, Greg Dobbs | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Dobbs has recently been hitting between Gaby Sanchez and Mike Stanton, and that’s a pretty comfy sandwich if you’re Greg Dobbs. He ought to have amble opportunity to drive in some runs as well as score a few of his own going forward. If he can hang on to the gig, Dobbs could give you good production in runs, RBI and batting average, and probably supply another 6-8 home runs from here on out.

Rookie Pitcher Rundown: Dillon Gee, Josh Collmenter & More | Rotoprofessor

All [Gee] has done this season is go 6-0 with a 3.33 ERA and 1.11 WHIP, so why is it that it feels like he consistently gets disrespected by fantasy owners? An extremely lucky BABIP as a starting pitcher certainly helps matters, as he is currently sporting a .236 mark.

Fantasy Baseball Diamond Market: Scott Sizemore, more |
Jemile Weeks coming up. Anthony Rizzo, Charlie Blackmon to follow? Plus, Scott Sizemore starts fresh.

Felipe Paulino and Jeff Keppinger: Deep League Waiver Wire | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

[Paulino's] velocity remains in the 95.0 mile per hour range and he has produced fantastic results with his slider once again. This is the type of arm worth taking a chance on in AL-Only leagues. At the very least he should provide some nice strikeout numbers.

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Chase Utley Isn’t Back… Yet | Crashburn Alley

Furthermore, Utley seems to be hitting the ball weakly to the opposite field. Unlike his teammate Ryan Howard, it is uncharacteristic of Utley to be hitting the ball this way. Compare his spray chart, courtesy Texas Leaguers, from this year to that of 2009, his last full healthy season.

Don’t Bring In the Lefty for Kelly Johnson | FanGraphs Baseball

There are a number of lefties who we recognize as having the ability to hit same-handed pitching very well. Both Votto and Utley make sense, as they’ve been two of the best left-handed hitters, period, in baseball during the last few years. Johnson’s name stands out, because he’s not typically thought of as one of the game’s premier hitters, never mind a rare lefty who hits same-handed pitching better than opposite-handed. It’s holding back his season right now, but if Johnson’s career numbers take hold, we could see a second half rebound.

Resting Lester | Baseball Analytics

The highest density of change ups lies outside the strike zone. In addition, note the spin density looks more like a weeble than a ball. [Lester]'s not throwing the pitch as consistently as he did early in the season in addition to missing the strike zone. That adds up to a .353 BA against the pitch with a .450 OBP, good for a .395 wOBA.

Sell High Candidate: Should Fantasy Owners Be Parting Ways With Erik Bedard? | Rotoprofessor

Of course, there’s the injury concern that will always be hanging over [Bedard's] head. In the three years since joining the Mariners (prior to 2011), Bedard threw just 164 innings. Does anyone really feel comfortable that he’s going to be able to stay on the mound all year long?

Under the Fantasy Microscope: Charlie Morton | Roto Hardball

Morton is almost certainly going to see his 2.52 ERA increase, but unlike most pitchers with a 1.4 K/BB, he's not a total mirage either. His ground ball rate is a tremendous 63.7%, and when the ball hardly leaves the ground, a pitcher can get away with far, far more mistakes.

Injury Report: June 8: Mark Teixeira, Brett Anderson, Jimmy Rollins & More | Rotoprofessor

Recall Alert: Jemile Weeks & Charlie Blackmon | Rotoprofessor

Assuming [Blackmon] plays every day (which would make sense, otherwise the Rockies would be better served to let him play at Triple-A), he could have value for those in five-outfielder formats. With a good mix of power and speed, he’s worth taking the flier on immediately.

Injuries Clear Way For Dee Gordon, Jemile Weeks | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

While a few healthy months don’t erase long-term concerns about Weeks’ durability, he hasn’t been slowed by injuries in 2011 while working the count well and becoming slightly more of a factor on the base paths. Weeks, 24, has walked 13.4% of the time this season and has 10 SB in 14 attempts.

Clubhouse Confidential: Speaking from Experience | Baseball Prospectus

Until Rose intervened, Fosse was a star in the making, hitting 16 home runs and putting together a 23-game hitting streak in the first half of his first full big-league season to propel him to the 1970 All-Star Game. Yet, all these years later, Fosse can't bring himself to believe that anything about the game should be changed.

Harper's arrogance just what baseball needs | Yahoo! Sports

Baseball’s greatest villain is an 18-year-old minor leaguer with a heinous mustache, an equally off-putting mullet and the scent of someone who emptied a bottle of Eau du Arrogance all over himself. And you know what? He’s exactly what the sport needs.

Slate's Hollywood Career-O-Matic | Slate Magazine
Finally, sabermetrics for movies.