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Minor League Monitor - Pacific Coast League: Dustin Ackley, Travis Snider, Anthony Rizzo and more...

Dustin Ackley - Mariners  2B  DOB: 02/26/88  .302/.420/.492

Ackley has been on a tear and is quieting his doubters. After hitting .211 in April, Ackley went .355 in May. He is living up to the expectations as a high AVG hitter with good power. The Mariners will be calling on his services at some point this year and he could produce right away. He has a history of slow starts so he may not put up amazing numbers at first but in the long run he should grow into one of the game's top fantasy second basemen. There are still concerns about whether he can stick at second. A move to the outfield would hurt his value quite a bit.

Travis Snider - Blue Jays  LF  DOB: 02/02/88  .281/.362/.386

It's hard to believe Snider is still only 23 since he has been around for so long and it's easy to forget that he still needs time to refine his game. The Blue Jays lost patience with him earlier this season and sent him down for some seasoning. He is hitting for a better AVG but the power is gone. He has hit only 1 home run since being demoted after hitting 14 in a half season with the Jays last year. He has improved his plate discipline and is 7/0 on the basepaths so there are still good signs.

Anthony Rizzo - Padres  1B  DOB: 08/08/89  .365/.444/.715

Rizzo has been the top hitter in the minors this year and it's only a matter of time before he is called up. Petco will be a challenge but Rizzo may just have enough power to put up some decent power numbers there.

Mike Moustakas - Royals  3B  DOB: 09/11/88  .283/.342/.493

Moustakas' numbers aren't very impressive when compared to Rizzo's and they aren't quite what Royals fans had hoped for yet he is still having a decent season. He has increased his walk rate and has a good .210 ISO. He remains the top 3B prospect in the minors and should contribute some decent power once he is called up to the Royals later this year.

Mike Montgomery - Royals  SP  DOB: 07/01/89  5.23 ERA, 63.2 IP, 51 K, 38 BB

Montgomery has been hit around in 5 of his past 6 starts. His walks and hits allowed went way up in May and led to a 7.42 ERA in 6 starts after a 2.67 ERA in 5 April starts. It's odd to see Montgomery string so many bad starts in a row and there may be arm troubles to blame, but that's just speculation. With Danny Duffy graduated into the majors, Montgomery takes over as the PCL's top pitching prospect.

Neil Ramirez - Rangers  SP  DOB: 05/25/89  3.44 ERA, 52.1 IP, 58 K, 21 BB, .224 AVG

Ramirez has been inconsistent this season but his overall numbers are very good. He has been dominant at times and other days he can be hit around. He ranks as the second best pitching prospect in the PCL and is a good target in keeper leagues. He is only one step from the majors and has a good combination of over-powering stuff and command that will make him a solid big league starter one day.

Scott Sizemore - A's  2B/3B  DOB: 01/04/85  .267/.465/.433

The Tigers pulled off a head-scratcher of a trade when they sent Sizemore to Oakland for bullpen help. Sizemore has taken his potential to Sacramento where he has been working as a third baseman. He has already walked a dozen times in 9 games and has hit 3 XBH. The move to 3B hurts his fantasy stock but he should still have decent value. He should remain in the infield and provide a decent bat. .275/.340/.455 are numbers you would prefer at second but they are passable at third in some leagues.

Chris Davis - Rangers  1B  DOB: 03/17/86  .370/.400/.849

Davis hit well in his three week MLB stint earlier this year before he returned to Round Rock and continued to beat up AAA pitching. He has as much power as anyone in the minors but it could all go to waste due to his lack of contact. He strikes out so often that he may only be capable of a .250 AVG, albeit with 30+ HR. One thing is for certain, he has earned yet another extended look. Whether the Rangers are willing to give it to him is another question.

Charlie Blackmon - Rockies  RF  DOB: 07/01/86  .337/.393/.572 12/5 SB/CS

Blackmon may end up the breakout prospect of the year if he keeps it up. He ranks in the PCL top 10 of most offensive categories. He has been called up and has experience in center field so he should get playing time. He is worth adding in NL-only leagues for those looking for AVG with a few HR and SB tossed in.

Mike Carp - Mariners  LF  DOB: 06/30/86  .350/.410/.664, 19 HR

Carp has quietly been having an outstanding season at the plate. His 19 home runs lead the league. He has hit for AVG and power in the past but never at the same time. This is looking like it could be the year he puts all of his skills together. The Mariners need some offense and Carp could be promoted to see if he can add a spark to the lineup.