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Fake Teams Hits the Fantasy Links

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Today is June 7.  On this day in 1921, the Kingsport Indians of the Appalachian League had their game against the Knoxville Pioneers canceled because the body of a slain girl was found at their ballpark.  Police closed down the park to allow bloodhounds to capture the trail.  Happy birthday, Betamax (1975).  Here are your fantasy baseball links for today:

Where we stand one-third through the season | The Hardball Times

Though some people don’t believe in doing so, I think that keeping target goals for the season and analyzing how you are doing each week in respect to those targets can be an extremely helpful exercise and can help you realize where your weaknesses are before they are too big to correct.

Corner Infield Report: Risers and Fallers | Roto Hardball

Catchers: Who's Hot and Who's Not | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Hot and Cold for Fantasy Baseball | Razzball

The Absurdity of the Hold Statistic | Beyond the Box Score
Commenter yibberat asks the following question:

I really do want to open up my fantasy league to more pitchers — but I also need to have reasonably well-understood counting stats rather than pure ratio categories. I can see quality starts rather than wins. But the whole saves/holds categories are a mess. I’d like to see a category total bases against (as a measure of how hard batters hit v that pitcher) since that does seem to me to be a measure of how close they are getting to trouble. But that stat isn’t recorded anywhere common. And I’d prefer not to get into some arbitrary incomprehensible sabermetric counting stat. what do other LM’s here do?

What say you, Fake Teams?

Follow the jump for more of the latest fantasy baseball news and analysis from around the web.

Fantasy Baseball Free Agent Pool – 2011 Speed Demons Vol. 5 |

Nyjer Morgan, Eric Young, Jr: NL Outfielders | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Morgan should easily out-produce his ZIPS projection for plate appearances the rest of the way (287 plate appearances), given that two-thirds of the season remains and he should start in at least two-thirds of those games. Even with his plate discipline problems, Morgan mostly puts the ball on the ground and uses his speed to put up decent batting averages. Expect him to manage at least .280 in that category.


Trolling the Wire: Week 10 Monday-Friday | Baseball By Paul
Streaming candidates

Waiver Worthy: Dee Gordon & Scott Sizemore Recalled | Rotoprofessor

Pagan & Ludwick: Waiver Wire Outfielders | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Since then, an admittedly arbitrary endpoint, Ludwick is hitting a rock solid .294/.350/.469 with seven homers and 31 RBI in 182 plate appearances. Only nine batters have driven in more runs during that time, and they’re basically the nine best hitters in baseball.

Fantasy Baseball Diamond Market: Joakim Soria, more |
Check if someone dropped Joakim Soria. If you need speed, you can rent Emilio Bonifacio.

Free Agent Monday | Baseball Guys

Jack Cust and Vinnie Pestano: Deep League Waiver Wire | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

You know what you’re getting with Cust: strikeouts, walks, and the occasional homer. Cust has been one of the best definitions of a three-true-outcomes guy for the last five years, and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. If you’re looking for a lot of pop, you’ll be out of luck, but Cust still has one elite skill and owners should take advantage of it.

Carlos on Carlos - The Marmol and Theriot facts | Baseball Analytics

Ryan Theriot is a hot hitter. He has a .300 average this season and in his current 19-game hitting streak is hitting .333. Yes, he hits sliders better than fastballs, but the slider is Marmol's best pitch. Should Marmol have thrown the slider? That's for you to decide. Should Zambrano have spoken out? That, I have already decided and my answer is, "No."

The Soria-Crow Conundrum | Roto Hardball

Both sets of owners should sit tight for now, let’s see how Soria performs once he faces a save situation or two and at the very worst Crow is still pumping a strikeout an inning with great rate stats so it isn’t hurting you to hang onto him. Isn’t chasing saves fun?

Injury Report: June 7: Hanley Ramirez, Jimmy Rollins, Evan Longoria & More | Rotoprofessor

What's the Latest MLB Injury News? | Roto Hardball

Grady Sizemore: DL Returnee | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Grady has always been a productive hitter, but this season the fantasy production is coming from an increase in power, not from getting on and stealing bases. His 0.560 SLG and 0.294 ISO are career highs. Most of the extra power is coming from home runs.

Prospect of the Day: Leonys Martin, OF, Texas Rangers | Minor League Ball

The Rangers expect Martin to be ready for the majors within a year, and the early returns from Frisco do nothing to dispute this. He could move up to Triple-A by mid-summer, and a September promotion is possible if the Rangers want to get a look at their big investment before 2012.

Daily Dish: Dustin Ackley Packs On The Power | Baseball America

Future Rookies: Week 10 | Fantasy Baseball Cafe
Dee Gordon and Neil Ramirez

Fantasy Baseball Player Prospecting: Brett Lawrie, more |
Dee Gordon arrives in the bigs, but a trio of prospects are dinged, including a highly anticipated call-up. Meanwhile, Mike Minor and Desmond Jennings dominate.

Dodgers dub Dee Gordon starting SS | Fantasy Baseball 365

Gordon was hitting .316/.363/.372 with no home runs and 22 stolen bases at triple-A, but his game had often been described as "raw", both in the field and at the plate. At the plate, Gordon's "rawness" could hold him back a bit initially, as he tends to chase bad pitches too often and his walk rate has remained low (6.5 percent) at the higher levels. However, his best attribute, speed, is what will entice fantasy GMs.

Padres to Call Up Anthony Rizzo Wednesday? | Roto Hardball

You will want to pick [Rizzo] up this week if he is available mostly in order to keep him away from your opponents, as he is already owned in 29 percent of CBS leagues just because of how well he has been doing at Triple-A Tucson, but don't expect him to immediately win your league for you.

Boom, Yosted: Actually Existing Lineup Optimization | FanGraphs Baseball

Simply having read The Book (or, frankly, even knowing it exists) probably puts Yost ahead of a depressing number of his peers. But Yost’s comments and the situation in which the decision was made show that he, probably like most managers, has a long way to go in terms of making these sorts of decisions for the right reasons.

Site News: Oracle of Baseball Fixed | Baseball-Reference Blog
Six Degrees of Eddie Bacon?