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Minor League Monitor - South Atlantic League: There's Bryce Harper Then There's Everyone Else

Jon Schoop - Orioles  3B/SS  DOB: 10/06/91 .314/.373/.500

Schoop has been playing more shortstop now that Machado is out. He has an above average bat at SS but is average at the hot corner. If Schoop is able to stick at SS he would be a nice prospect to have in keeper leagues but would also require a trade for him to reach his full value.

Jameson Taillon - Pirates  SP  DOB: 11/18/91  3.71 ERA, 7.1 K/9, 1.1 BB/9, 9.5 H/9

The Pirates prized pitching prospect has had superb control but is getting hit often. He is also striking out less than expected. 3 of his last 4 starts have been sub-par but it's still way too early to panic.

Jurickson Profar - Rangers  SS  DOB: 02/20/93 .283/.405/.539

Profar's bat has been very good this year which is excellent news to Rangers fans because his glove was never in question. Profar's 27/22 BB/K ratio is excellent as are his 23 extra base hits.

Bryce Harper - Nationals  RF  DOB: 10/16/92  .340/.431.613, 12 SB

Harper leads the league with 13 home runs. He has been everything he was advertised to be and should reach AA by the end of the season. Although it's unlikely and the Nationals have said it wouldn't happen I still wouldn't be surprised to see Harper called up in September. He is signed to a major league contract so there aren't the same arbitration clock concerns as with other prospects.

Kyle Parker - Rockies  RF  DOB: 09/30/89  .286/.358/.457

The Rockies first rounder hasn't been tearing the cover off the ball but has been coming through in the clutch. His 40 RBI trail only Bryce Harper and Jim Murphy who have 41 apiece. Parker is a bit old for the league so the Rockies will need to test him at a higher level before they can know what they have in him.

Miles Head - Red Sox  1B  DOB: 05/02/91  .332/.396/.600

Head hit only 1 home run last season but is already up to 12, one behind Harper. It's hard not to be skeptical about him since he came out of nowhere to become one of the top hitting prospects in the SAL, but you have to be impressed that his numbers are keeping pace with Harper's.