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A Wilson Betemit Update

My 2nd post at FakeTeams was this article on Wilson Betemit.  I argued that Betemit was still getting a "bust" label because it felt like he was getting really old, and hadn't done much at the major league level for most of his career and people were ignoring the fact that "Hey, he's doing pretty good for the Royals!"

He was hitting .383 at the time, and seemed to be a good buy-low candidate (buy-low in the sense that he has nothing but doubters) for a shallow third base position.

Betemit promptly went 0-for-4 that day.  Thanks Wilson.

In 31 games since that article, Betemit is hitting .273/.328/.388, 1 HR, 12 RBI, 14 R, and 9 2B.  Not exactly setting the world on fire.  Not exactly awful either, and probably in no danger of losing his job at this time.  I will find it interesting to see what kind of buzz he could generate leading up to the trade deadline.

A player like Betemit, who can play multiple positions and not embarrass himself at the plate is always a hot topic come July for teams looking to make the playoffs and shore up injuries.  He will be less popular however in fantasy.

Wilson Betemit: A clear example of a writer NOT patting himself on the back.