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Minor League Monitor - California League: Video Game Numbers Abound

Gary Brown - Giants  CF  DOB:  09/28/88  .364/.436/.524, 31 SB

Last year's 24th pick in the draft is having a dynamite season. He leads the league with 31 SB while sitting second with 50 R and 82 H.

Jose Altuve - Astros   2B   DOB: 05/06/90  .415/.455/.616, 19 SB

Altuve caught fire since his last mention in the monitor and earned himself a promotion to the Texas League. In 52 games in the Cali league he hit .408/.451/.606. Many think he has come out of nowhere because he hasn't received much press but he has been solid every season of his career and has been getting better at each level. In 3 games at AA he has 6 hits including a HR.

Jedd Gyorko - Padres  3B   DOB: 09/23/88  .365/.430/.649 10 SB

Gyorko was possibly the best power hitter in the Northwest League last season and he in consideration for that honor in the California League this year. He leads the circuit with 38 extra base hits. For good measure he is also 10/1 on the basepaths.

Kody Hinze - Astros  1B  DOB: 07/29/87  .328/.464/.629

Hinze is putting up some eye popping numbers and will need to be promoted if the Astros want to see if they have something special. After hitting 29 2B and 19 HR in 500+ plate appearances last season, he has 14 of each this year in less than half as many trips to the plate. The really astonishing number is the 46 walks he has drawn, after taking 69 free passes last year. If Hinze can put up half decent numbers at AA he will make his way onto plenty of top prospect lists. The Astros need more players on such lists.

Vincent Catricala - Mariners  3B/1B  DOB: 10/31/88  .377/.443/.618

The young Hawaiian showed some power potential last season by slugging 41 doubles and 17 HR. Many of those doubles have turned into home runs this season as he has 13 dingers already. He has also improved his plate discipline with his BB/K going from 56/112 to 23/29. In over 1000 minor league plate appearances his triple slash is .318/.393/.518. He may not be able to stick at the hot corner which hurts his value but he may still have enough bat to remain relevant as a first baseman.

Michael Choice - A's  CF  DOB: 11/10/89  .256/.354/.498

Choice's numbers aren't as great as some of the hitters in this league but he is still having a strong year. His .242 ISO is very good and he has a nice OBP. The problem lies in his 69 strikeouts. He doesn't make enough contact to maintain a high AVG. Choice has star potential but will need to address this issue if he hopes to reach those heights.

Mike Zuanich - Rockies  1B/RF  DOB: 07/10/86  .391/.473/.701

Zuanich is old for the league but those are some video game numbers. He has yet to be challenged at any pro level and has a career minor league triple slash of .337/.432/.562 in 200 games. AA will be telling as he will no longer be old for the league and if he can put up great numbers there he will become a prospect with some great potential. Hopefully a promotion will come soon so we won't have to wait to find out.

Chad Bettis - Rockies  SP  DOB: 04/26/89  5.14 ERA, 10.14 K/9, 2.71 BB/9, 0.57 HR/9, 2.77 FIP

The ERA isn't pretty but all of the other numbers are. Bettis pitches in the strike zone and will be susceptible to getting hit around. He has good stuff and could stick in the rotation. Don't be scared off by the ERA and use it to try and obtain him for cheap. The California League is a pure hitters league so it's best to just ignore ERA for the most part.

Tyler Skaggs - Diamondbacks  SP  DOB:  07/13/91  3.27 ERA, 11 K/9, 3.3 BB/9, 7.1 H/9

The ERA is sixth among starters and the K/9 is second. Impressive, but even more so when you consider he is the youngest pitcher in the league.

Allen Webster - Dodgers  SP  DOB: 02/10/90  2.59 ERA, 7.1 H/9, 9.7 K/9

Few analysts cover Webster because he hasn't been a hyped prospect since entering pro ball as an 18th round pick in 2008. Hype or not, Webster has put up some excellent numbers that deserve recognition. In 4 pro seasons he has a 2.72 ERA with 272 Ks and 113 BBs in 284.1 innings. He has been promoted to AA where in 2 starts he has a 3.75 ERA and 0.83 WHIP. Expect to read about Webster more often as he is developing into a potential top prospect.