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Fake Teams Hits the Fantasy Links

Today is June 3, the 8th anniversary of the discovery of Sammy Sosa's corked bat.  On this day in 1995, Pedro Martinez had a perfect game against the San Diego Padres broken up in the 10th inning by a Bip Roberts double.  The Expos won, 1-0.  "Casey at the Bat" was published for the first time in the San Francisco Examiner on this day in 1888.  Happy 75th birthday to Larry McMurtryRIP Jack Kevorkian.  Here are your fantasy baseball links for today:

Kicking Rocks: Trade Talk | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

But now we’re two months in, things have settled in for the most part, your waiver wire has been picked clean, and now everyone is trying to improve their squad via the trade. Getting the right deal done is tough enough, but the process to get there can be a tenuous path riddled with both ignorance and annoyance. Today we’re going to go through some do’s and don’ts which may help expedite the process with little fanfare or, at the least, keep you from wanting to choke the life out of a moronic competitor.

Winless Streaks Further Illustrate the Problem with Wins as a Statistic | Beyond the Box Score
Wins are a useless stat. Those of us who aren't mouth-breathers understand this. So why do we still use it as a statistic in fantasy baseball? I'm really asking.

2011 First Base Rankings: June | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Working The Wire: Don’t Forget About These Injured Players | Rotoprofessor

It happens all the time where a guy gets hurt and ends up on the DL, the owner doesn’t have a spot to stash him and he gets dropped. Your job as a diligent and wise owner, is to keep tabs on these guys on the waiver wire.

Waiver Saviors: Small Sample Size | COSFBA

Under the Radar - Mixed Leagues |
Young, Jr., Crow, Iannetta, Bourgeois, Harrison, Humber, Morgan, Lawrie, Willingham, Jay

Fantasy Baseball Insider Trading: Curtis Granderson, Matt Garza, more |
Curtis Granderson's power: an anomaly? Matt Garza's performance: the norm? Where do Chris Carpenter and Leo Nunez fit in?

AL Waiver Wire:  Week 9 | The Hardball Times
The Royals are prominently featured in this week's AL Waiver Wire.

NL Waiver Wire: Week 9 | The Hardball Times

Follow the jump for more of the latest fantasy baseball news and analysis from around the web.

Swing change great for Curtis Granderson | ESPN

Why is Granderson having success against left-handers? One reason is that he’s hitting fly balls with more power since his swing change. In the first 54 games of 2010, he hit 23 fly balls against lefties, but only one of those left the park. Through 54 games this season, Granderson has hit 25 fly balls, but has been hitting home runs with much more frequency.

The Criminally Underrated Ryan Zimmerman | FanGraphs Baseball

Really, though, what else could Zimmerman do to get noticed? I’m not the first person to mention this, but if you like Evan Longoria, you should like Zimmerman, because they’re the exact same player.

Under the Fantasy Microscope: Matt Joyce | Roto Hardball

Joyce's entire career has been an exhibit of large platoon splits. Compare his .190/.293/.316 line versus lefties to his stellar .284/.373/.548 marks against righties and it's quite clear. We would need a much larger sample size to definitively say Joyce's splits are this pronounced, but it's apparent Joyce is much, much more useful against right-handed batters.

Adam Dunn’s Fastball Problem | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

In 2011, Dunn’s whiff rate against fastballs has climbed to 10.6%. At the same time, his slugging percentage on contact versus fastballs is a much milder .562. He has popped up 17% of the fastballs that he has put in play so far, compared to 12% the previous two years and the 9-10% MLB average.

Don’t look now, but Anibal Sanchez is a hidden ace | Marlin Maniac

After Sanchez returned for sure from his shoulder problems, he upped his strikeout rate from his rookie season. You had to figure that some of that was perhaps slight improvement was from experience-based improvement. But as we found out late last season, Sanchez’s velocity had been improving as the season went along, and that may have been a matter of his improving health.

Hellickson Pops to the Top | Baseball Analytics Blog

It seems that Hellickson got batters so used to looking for low pitches, they started swing lower in the zone, and ended up under the ball. His 16 pops induced ranked fifth in the majors in the month of May, helping him to the lunar cycle honor.

Speculating for Saves: Mike Adams | Roto Hardball

Since joining the Padres in 2008, Adams has struck out 9.9 or more batters per game in each season totaling 10.2 K/9 in 194 innings. His control has improved to a career-best 1.5 BB/9 this year and he’s become nearly unhittable at 5.1 H/9. He has allowed fewer hits (14 to 15) and walks (4 to 7) than Bell in more innings (25 to 23).

Injury Report: June 3: Shane Victorino, Pablo Sandoval & More | Rotoprofessor

Royals’ John Lamb To Undergo Tommy John Surgery | Baseball America

Magglio Ordonez to return to the Tigers soon | Baseball Analytics

It's a small sample size, and there's no doubt his ankle problems contributed to his issues at the plate. Without a strong right ankle, Ordonez would not be able to effectively plant and transfer power when swinging. If he's fully recovered from that injury that he first received back in July of last season when sliding into home, his numbers vs. fastballs should begin to correct quickly.

Is Albert Pujols Injured? | MLB Daily Dish
Does Albert Pujols Have a Hamstring Injury that is sapping his power?

Cheeks Weekend Weather Report | Sons of Roto

Prospect of the Day: Brett Lawrie, 3B, Toronto Blue Jays | Minor League Ball

Lawrie is a clear Grade A prospect at this point and has nothing left to learn in the minors. As soon as the Jays are comfortable with the status of his wrist, expect to see him manning the hot corner. He'll make some errors and like all young hitters he might have some growing pains with the bat, but his potential is immense, and he's showing every sign this year of fulfilling that potential.

Future Shock Blog: Minor League Update: Games of June 1 | Baseball Prospectus

Daily Dish: Jonathan Villar, Jose Altuve Strike In Double-A Debut | Baseball America

Jordan Lyles, Brandon Belt and Tyler Colvin: Mining the Minors | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Minor League Notes, June 2nd, 2011 | Minor League Ball
Matt Dominguez, Bobby Bundy, Nestor Molina, Darin Gorski

Lance Lynn and Mike Carp: Mining the Minors | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Maikel Cleto Receives A Surprise Call Up | Roto Hardball
Hard throwing right-hander Maikel Cleto completes his meteoric rise from A-ball to the show with a surprise call up by the St. Louis Cardinals.

Wezen-Ball: Sabean Takes on the Catcher-Collision Problem | Baseball Prospectus

I understand the pain and loss the Giants are going through with Posey's injury right now, especially considering it could have been avoided. I'm still having a hard time seeing as how it's any different than Carlos Santana's injury last year, though, or any of a hundred more just like it. I guess it's a good thing Sabean has had such a consistent, strong opinion about it over the years. That kind of resolve can really effect change. Oh wait...

Baseball ProGUESTus: Can Baseball Expertise Be a Bad Thing? | Baseball Prospectus

Perfect: the one advanced metric [Scioscia] approves of is one that had essentially been considered disproven for a decade. And the one advanced metric he approves of is the one that conveniently makes him look like he was a superstar.

Off Base chastises less than loyal Yankee fans | ESPN
The sarcasm about the All-Star voting is funny and merited, but I fear all it's going to do is embolden Red Sox fans to stuff the ballot boxes for the likes of Pedroia and Ortiz.