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Fake Teams Hits the Fantasy Links

Good morning.  Here are your fantasy baseball links for today:

Eric Thames and Mike Stutes: Deep League Waiver Wire | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Ryan Madson is out, which apparently leaves Antonio Bastardo. He’s certainly solid, but: .153 BABIP and a woah-worthy 99% LOB%. Those metrics won’t stay there for long and that impending blow up could come at any time, maybe during his first save opportunity. That would bring some save opportunities to the supposed next in line, Mike Stutes.

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Three American League Outfielders You Should Add | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

In fact, there’s a good chance Wells smacks double-digit homers from here on out. And even though he’s not likely to hit better than .250-.260 going forward, especially with such a poor walk rate (4.1%), his BABIP is a measly .215, and it wouldn’t be entirely foolish to expect at least a little bounce back to his career norm (.285).


Kemp Killing Fastballs, Sliders | Baseball Analytics

Kemp's overall slugging percentage against fastballs is .780. That makes a mockery of the .439 league average, and is way above Kemp's .500 slugging percentage last season. Twelve of Kemp's homers have come against fastballs. Only Curtis Granderson has hit more home runs against heaters.

Where’s Werth’s Power? | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Werth is hardly done, though he does need to stop chopping the ball into the ground so often if he’s going to regain elite status. Current owners should sit tight and wait for a rebound, while others should explore a trade if Werth can be had for 60 or 70 cents on the dollar.

Pitchers Challenging Ben Revere | Baseball Analytics

Revere's triple slash in 2011 (.264/.291/.295) is devoid of walks or power. And pitchers, knowing that the worst Revere can do to them is slap a single the other way, are challenging him to hit pitches over the plate.

Under The Fantasy Microscope: Brandon Beachy | Roto Hardball

However, it also wouldn't surprise if he took a licking or two in his second or third time around the National League and hitters begin to make adjustments. Beachy's one issue is, at least so far, an inability to keep the ball on the ground, and where young hitters may pop balls up, MLB hitters will hit it out of the ballpark, and his .265 BABIP likely won't stay low enough to keep runners off the bases when the homers come. Still, with peripherals as good as we've seen now -- and ZiPS even projects a 3.20 FIP the rest of the way -- Beachy should be able to maintain the quality numbers in WHIP and Ks, with good things very possible in wins and ERA as well.

Prospect of the Day: Alex Presley, OF, Pittsburgh Pirates | Minor League Ball

After punchless '08 and '09 seasons, Presley has shown more power over the last year and a half. Ironically, scouts attribute his improvement to the fact that he stopped trying so hard to hit for power. He shortening his swing, focusing on simple contact, and the results have been impressive. His best organic tool is above-average speed, which he's learned to use more efficiently on the bases. His strike zone judgment isn't terrific and his walk rate is below what you ideally want from a leadoff man, but he makes contact and his speed helps his BABIP.

Fantasy Baseball Player Prospecting: Futures Game - World NL pitchers |
A rundown of the NL members of the World pitching staff for the 2011 MLB Futures Game, headlined by top Braves prospect Julio Teheran.

Getting To Know The Minor League Leaders | Baseball America

Minor League Notes, June 28th, 2011 | Minor League Ball
Eddie Rosario, Tyrell Jenkins, Manny Rodriguez, Mike McGee

Daily Dish: Tyler Skaggs Stands Out In Stout D-Backs System | Baseball America

Why Jonah Lehrer's Criticism of Sabermetrics is so Disappointing | Beyond the Box Score
Summary: Because it's a huge straw man argument.

Manufactured Runs: Followed Him Up to the Gates of Grantland | Baseball Prospectus

If knowing that a pitcher's BABIP against rate in a small sample is largely unpredictive of his rate in a larger sample makes it harder for you to enjoy watching a game, I’m sorry. But if knowing more about baseball makes it harder for you to enjoy the game, then I’m really not seeing your case that you’re the better fan than someone like me.