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Closer Report for Week 13

News and Notes From Around the Bullpen

  • Grant Balfour recorded a save this week for the Athletics, but was called on to pitch in the 8th, and the A's proceeded to add some more runs in their half of the 9th. Bailey still got the save on Saturday, and looks better each time out. 
  • Matt Capps spent a major portion of the week unavailable, but the Twins didn't help themselves by managing to get no save chances through Saturday. 
  • Jonathan Broxton was not able to throw during rehab on Sunday, and looks like he may take longer to return. Definitely not clearing up the situation in Los Angeles...
  • Ryan Madson suffered a hand injury and was expected to miss "3-4 days" back on Friday. Until they make either put him on the disabled list or return him to the role, I'm not ready to downgrade him. But if he does go on the disabled list, it could be Antonio Bastardo who replaces him.
  • Jeremy Affeldt got the save on Sunday, but Brian Wilson had pitched 4 straight days. Nothing to see here.
  • Huston Street was unavailable for Saturday's game, and bears watching to see when he pitches next. If he were to go on the disabled list, Matt Lindstrom would be the most likely pitcher to get the save opportunities.
My Rankings After the Jump...



Closer Rankings from Today Forward [Change from Last Week]

  1. Brian Wilson (Giants)
  2. Heath Bell (Padres
  3. Mariano Rivera (Yankees
  4. Huston Street (Rockies) [+1]
  5. Carlos Marmol (Cubs) [-1]
  6. Leo Nunez (Marlins
  7. Jonathan Papelbon (Red Sox
  8. Ryan Madson (Phillies)
  9. Neftali Feliz (Rangers)
  10. Francisco Rodriguez (Mets)
  11. J.J. Putz (Diamondbacks)
  12. Joakim Soria (Royals) [+6] 
  13. Drew Storen (Nationals) [-1]
  14. Joel Hanrahan (Pirates) [+6]
  15. Jose Valverde (Tigers) [-2]
  16. Francisco Cordero (Reds) [-2]
  17. John Axford (Brewers) [-2]
  18. Andrew Bailey (Athletics) [-2]
  19. Craig Kimbrel (Braves) [-2]
  20. Chris Perez (Indians
  21. Brandon League (Mariners
  22. Kyle Farnsworth (Rays
  23. Jordan Walden (Angels
  24. Fernando Salas (Cardinals
  25. Kevin Gregg (Orioles)
  26. Sergio Santos (White Sox
  27. Mark Melancon (Astros
  28. Matt Capps (Twins)
  29. Frank Francisco (Blue Jays)
  30. Somebody? (Dodgers
Top Non-Closing Relievers Most Likely to Get the Chance
  1. Jonny Venters (Braves)
  2. Mike Adams (Padres)
  3. David Hernandez (Diamondbacks)
  4. Jason Isringhausen (Mets)
  5. Matt Lindstrom (Rockies)
Trade Candidates Before July 31st
  1. Heath Bell
  2. Francisco Rodriguez
  3. Joakim Soria
  4. Joel Hanrahan
  5. Jason Isringhausen
My All-Star Closers (National League)
  1. Brian Wilson
  2. Huston Street
  3. Joel Hanrahan
  4. Heath Bell
My All-Star Closers (American League)
  1. Mariano Rivera
  2. Jose Valverde
  3. Brandon League
  4. Jordan Walden