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Fake Teams Hits the Fantasy Links

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Here are your fantasy baseball links for today:

Keeper Building Blocks: Second Base | Baseball By Paul

Closer Report- Depth Chart Update |

Catchers Stock Watch | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

[Ellis] seems to make good contact at the plate and does not appear to be too much of a free swinger – a very reasonable 16.9 K% for his career – so while you might not see much in the way of power (ISO has never been higher than .135 on any level), you could find your way into a solid average, good runs scored, and possibly even decent RBI.

Fantasy Baseball Free Agent Pool – 2011 Strikeout Kings Vol. 5 |

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Weaker Ramirez | Baseball Analytics

His fly ball rate is spiking upward. If his back is healing and his strength is returning, Hanley could return to a decent average and help pull the Marlins out of their funk.

Jhonny Peralta: Welcome Back | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

This season, however, Peralta seems to have found it again. His BABIP is up to .321, he’s hitting nearly .300 and already has 11 home runs. He’s hitting far more fly balls than he ever has. Last season’s FB% of 43.4% was the highest of his career by 7%, and he’s at 48.2% this year.

Daric Barton Baffled by Breaking Stuff | Baseball Analytics

In 2011, however, Barton has a .100 wOBA versus breaking balls and has yet to pound out an extra-base hit. Only Bill Hall (released by the Astros) and Xavier Paul (designated for assignment by the Dodgers) have fared worse against curves and sliders.

Wily Mo Pena: Deep League Waiver Wire | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Though [Pena] has had major trouble making contact in the past, there is potential good news: He has seen massive improvement in his contact rate at Triple-A this year, striking out just about 20% of the time (versus 33% in his Major League career). Throw in an improved walk rate and combine that with a ridiculous 21 home runs in 237 at-bats and a .363 ISO and you have the makings of a huge potential power source for the second half of the season.

Seth Smith is Too Good For Your Team | Sons of Roto

[Smith's] now ranked 83rd overall and he's owned in only 29% of Y! leagues. This is a crime and it's beyond a misdemeanor. This is a fantasy felony.

Under The Fantasy Microscope: Zack Greinke | Roto Hardball

There is a veritable laundry list of factors pointing toward better results in the future for Greinke. His 26.6% line drive rate is six points higher than his career average. His .360 BABIP is 51 points above his career average. His 13.5% HR/FB rate is five points higher than his career average. Between these factors and the completely unsustainable .500 BABIP with runners in scoring position, Greinke's incredibly low 56.9% strand rate is bound to come up.

Prospect of the Day: Josh Spence, LHP, San Diego Padres | Minor League Ball

With these K/IP ratios and low hit rates, you might think [Spence's] a hard-thrower, but quite the opposite: his fastball is frequently in the mid-80s and tops out at 87. However, he has a wide variety of tricks in his arsenal, including a good slider, a good changeup, a curve, pinpoint command, a deceptive delivery, and outstanding makeup. He's extremely tough on left-handed hitters, holding them to a miniscule .130 average this year, but his large arsenal means he's not helpless against right-handers.

Minor League Notes, June 21st, 2011 | Minor League Ball
Mike Nesseth, Justin Nicolino, Zack Wheeler, Cheslor Cuthbert