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Minor League Monitor - Pacific Coast League

 (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Anthony Rizzo, Dustin Ackley, Mike Moustakas, Charlie Blackmon, Jemile Weeks and Scott Sizemore have all been called up to the majors recently and a few more such as Travis Snider, Collin Cowgill, Clint Robinson are close.

Wily Mo Pena has been launching balls out of ballparks at a torrid pace and leads the league with 21 home runs. Mike Carp, now with Seattle, ranks second with 19. Noteworthy prospects playing in the PCL on the top 20 HR list includes Clint Robinson (17), Brett Lawrie (14), Jai Miller (14), Trayvon Robinson (14), Mat Gamel (14), Cowgill (12), Chris Davis (10), Taylor Green (10), and Ian Stewart (10).

David Cooper (.387), Eric Young (.363), Bryan Lahair (.362),Andrew Brown (.351) and Eric Thames (.348) have hit for a high average. Travis Snider has hit .500/.558/.842 over the past 10 games. After taking a year and a half hiatus, Michael Taylor's power may be returning. He has 5 home runs in the past 9 games. Ian Stewart has proven he can hit minor league pitching so the fact that he is batting .307/.412/.673 is no surprise. Bryan Petersen is taking full advantage of the hitters league by going .340/.431/.552.

Brad Mills (3.04), Jordan Lyles (3.20), Luis Mendoza (3.44), Fabio Castro (3.47), and Sam Narron (3.59) lead the way in ERA, with Lyles and Castro being the top prospects of the lot. Neil Ramirez leads the starters with a 9.8 K/9 and with Mike Montgomery struggling he may have moved into the top spot among SP prospects in the PCL.


Player profiles after the jump...

Mike Montgomery - Royals  SP  DOB: 07/01/89

Based on ERA, Montgomery had his first strong start in nearly a month on Tuesday. He allowed a single earned run in 5 innings and struck out 8, but it wasn't all peachy because he also allowed 5 walks. Walks have been his downfall this year. His ERA is at 5.00 and is largely due to his 5.5 BB/9. The tall Royals lefty had never had a BB/9 higher than 3.0 so it is quite out of character to see him putting up such poor numbers.

Collin Cowgill - Diamondbacks  CF  DOB: 05/22/86

Cowgill is playing his way into the big league squad. Over his past 10 games he is hitting .476/.551/.762. He has 7 extra base hits in that span and a 7/3 BB/K ratio with 4/0 SB/CS. His 20 stolen bases rank second in the league, even more impressive when you realize he has only been caught twice. His fantasy numbers in AAA have been outstanding and perhaps the best in the minors. His small size is keeping people from expecting much from him in the majors but a .369 AVG, .239 ISO, 20/2 SB/CS and 32/34 BB/K make it hard to imagine he won't be at least rosterable in most leagues once called up.

Barry Enright – Diamondbacks  SP  DOB: 03/30/86

Enright had an outstanding year in 2010 with a 2.88 ERA in 14 AA starts and 3.91 in 17 MLB starts. In 6 MLB starts in 2011 Enright had a 6.49 ERA and was demoted. Since joining Reno, Enright has a 3.29 ERA in 7 starts with a .201 AVG against and less than a walk every 4 innings. He lacks the strikeout punch to be a fantasy star but he has the command that he can be trusted once he establishes himself in the majors. When he gets re-called he will be a risky option and his value likely lies in future seasons.

Clint Robinson - Royals  1B  DOB: 02/16/85

Robinson is not a minor league hitter. After hitting for a triple crown in the Texas League last year he is is the top 15 for all 3 categories again in 2011. He has a .347 AVG, 17 HR, and 50 RBI. He has also displayed above average patience with 32/40 BB/K. Unfortunately the Royals already have Eric Hosmer and Billy Butler standing in his way. I hope Robinson is traded to a team that will use him because his bat is major league worthy.

Jesus GuzmanPadres  3B  DOB: 06/14/84

Guzman has some very impressive minor league seasons including a 68 extra base hit season in which he drove in 112 followed by a year with a .349 AVG and 2 subsequent seasons over .320. Unfortunately it has been his glove standing in the way of an extended MLB stint. Chase Headley is locked into third for the Padres and Anthony Rizzo is the future at first so Guzman will likely require a trade or an injury if he hopes to break through. Everything about his minor league stats suggest his bat will play in the bigs and he may be best suited to an AL team that can slot him into the DH role from time to time.

Brad Mills - Blue Jays  SP  DOB: 03/05/85

Brad Mills leads all PCL qualifying starting pitchers with a 3.04 ERA, 1.15 WHIP, 84 strikeouts and 3.65 K/BB. He has been the hands down best starting pitcher in the hitting friendly Pacific Coast League yet was looked over when a spot opened up in the Jays rotation. He has struggled at the highest level in the past but those numbers can be thrown out considering he never really got a chance to get his feet wet. He is still only 26 and it all may be coming together for him this year. He will never be a must own fantasy commodity due to his lack of over-powering stuff but if given a chance in a major league rotation he should provide some quality league average inning eating.