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Minor League Monitor - California League

Tyler Skaggs, Zach Wheeler and Allen Webster have been by far the top pitching prospects in the league this year. Brandon Maurer may be throwing his name into the mix. He made 6 starts and a relief appearance in the Midwest League earlier this year and has combined those games with 5 California League starts to get a 3.49 ERA and .226 AVG against. His 73/17 K/BB passes the test especially when you consider it is 29/3 since being called up to High-A.Skaggs leads the way with 95 strikeouts followed by Chad Bettis (86) and Ariel Pena (73).

Kody Hinze refuses to slow down and is hitting .432/.563/.811 in his last 10 games with 10/7 BB/K. He is turning 24 in July so he will need to prove he can cut it at AA. With the way he is hitting I wouldn't be surprised to see him given a shot.  Edinson Rincon has a .345 AVG and 29 extra base hits.

Jedd Gyorko - Padres  3B   DOB: 09/23/88  .382/.331/.670, 11/1 SB/CS, 28/51 BB/K

Gyorko already has 46 extra base hits with 8 coming in the past 10 days. The SB numbers with the high efficiency is surprising. He doesn't project to be a SB threat in the majors but it is good to see he is an aware runner who takes smart risks. The next step is AA and if he succeeds there he will be well on his way to top 50 prospect status.

Henry Rodriguez   - Reds  2B  02/09/90  .331/.369/.502, 12/7 SB/CS

Fellow Reds prospect and former second baseman Billy Hamilton has been stealing the headlines with speed faster than a locomotive chasing a dude that owes it money. Hamilton's move to shortstop may have been so he could one day pair on double plays with Rodriguez. After Rodriguez hit 54 extra base hits and stole 33 bases in 124 A ball games as a 20 year old he got a 6 game taste of High-A. He started this year in High-A but lasted only 58 games and earned a promotion to AA after hitting .340/.378/.513. The past two seasons his success rate when stealing hasn't been very promising and he may only have the capability to stealing 15-20 bases a year. He should add a few home runs and hit for a decent AVG. His small stature suggests he may not hit for much power but he has 27 XBH in 62 games. He has 2 in 4 games at AA so he may continue to silence critics.