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Keith Law's Updated Top 25 Prospects for 2011

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Yesterday, ESPN's Keith Law published his updated Top 25 Prospect List for 2011 and I will provide a few of the big movers with some of his comments, as well as some of the Q & A in the response section of the article. I am sure many can guess who the Top 5 are, so there is less intrigue there.

10. Manny Machado, BAL-looked better than expected at shortstop and far more comfortable at the plate than expected, adjusting to better off-speed stuff and taking great at-bats in low-A. 

11. Brett Lawrie, TOR-There's at least a chance he stays at third base, although I doubt it, but he has the arm and athleticism to play a good right field, and in general has made positive changes that have put old makeup concerns about him.

There is a rumor going around the Lawrie could be called up this Friday. Without looking, I assume the Blue Jays are at home on Friday.

More excerpts after the jump, including Dustin Ackley and Anthony Rizzo:

12. Dustin Ackley, SEA-He'll hit and gets increasing raves for that tool, but no one is buying him as a second baseman anymore, and I believe he'll end up in left field where his value takes a hit.

There is plenty more about Ackley in the Q & A with KLaw quoting scouts who are killing Ackley for his D at second base. Like I said in the comments section of a previous chat post, Ackley could be another Chris Coghlan.

17. Anthony Rizzo, SD-Some of this is the ballpark -- he's hitting .410/.500/.795 in Tucson -- but some is just him growing into more power. He's still just 21 ('til August), already in Triple-A, and flashing above-average defense at first. He's blocked only by the audacity of Hawpe.

I did not realize Rizzo was so good defensively. I see him called up in the next week or so.

Here is the Ackley comment from KLaw:


Why is Ackley a non-starter at second? Insufficient range? Error-prone? Can't turn the double play?  


Range, hands, etc. Scouts are killing him.

KLaw dropped Royals third base prospect out of his Top 25 and here is his reasoning:
Why does Chisenhall seem to get a pass for his bad splits (granted you do acknowledge them) but Moose gets downgraded for it, though he has more power? 

This update reflects what scouts/execs told me, and there was a strong consensus to remove Moustakas and keep Chisenhall. Defense is a major issue and more than one source mentioned Moustakas' home parks, especially in 2010. I have a feeling if he was playing another position right now the comments would have been more positive.