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Fake Teams Hitting the Fantasy Links

It turns out that nobody actually cares what this feature is called, so I'm going to shut up about it.  Meanwhile, several sources are reporting that today is Star Wars Day (May the fourth, get it?  The Internet is so clever), which may or may not be just as corny as my high school chemistry teacher forcing us to celebrate Mole Day.  Anyway, here are your links, and don't forget that there's an early game today:

Roto Hardball notes that there are some new leaders in the ZiPS projections.

RotoExperts looks at short-term vs. long-term value for several recent hot pickups for head-to-head leagues, though I think this would serve as a good reference for all formats.

Fantasy Baseball 365 updates their catcher rankings.

Fantasy Phenoms updates the status of some shaky bullpens.

Several waiver wire features: RotoGraphs, Fantasy Phenoms, Fantasy Baseball CafeRotoprofessorRotoExperts, KFFL, and COSFBA.

Razzball looks at several hot and cold players and wonders if they'll continue on their respective paths.

Baseball Prospectus looks at three players who are enjoying bounceback years.

Follow the jump for more of the latest fantasy baseball news and analysis from around the web.

Lester's Legends asks if it's time to panic about Albert PujolsUmm...

Rob Neyer chimes in on Jose Bautista, asking if he's the best hitter in baseball right now.  Meanwhile, Bautista will be out for the next couple of days with neck stiffness.

Beyond the Boxscore investigates Ike Davis' approach.

RotoGraphs advises you to buy low on Brett Gardner and sell high on Derek Lowe.

Yesterday afternoon, FanGraphs asked what was wrong with Francisco Liriano, our obvious pick for Fantasy Player of the Day today.  Beyond the Boxscore warns not to get caught up in the hype of his no-hitter.

Roto Hardball asks an important question about Yovani Gallardo: Hold or Fold?

Lookout Landing notes Jason Vargas' increase in GB% and attributes it to pitch selection.

RotoGraphs says, basically, that there's no hope for Clay Buchholz.

Rotoprofessor has a comprehensive injury report.

Josh Hamilton will hit off a tee and appears to be a little bit ahead of schedule in his recovery from a broken humerus.

David Aardsma was shut down in his rehab, but it wasn't because of his hip.  He's quoted as saying he'll be fine in a couple of games.  Brandon League looked pretty darn good last night, so it's not like the Mariners are going to rush him.

John Sickels' Prospect of the Day is shortstop Dee Gordon, the source of roughly half of all Internet fights.

Baseball America, Rotoprofessor, and KFFL have prospect roundups.

Eric Hosmer raised his average to .430 yesterday.  Breaking news: He's good.

It looks like Twins OF Ben Revere might be getting called up.