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MLB Trade Rumors: Francisco Rodriguez to the Rangers?'s Ken Rosenthal reported yesterday that Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez doesn't want to setup if he is traded this summer. But,Rosenthal reports that K-Rod would setup under certain conditions. The conditions spelled out were if the team which traded for him were to sign him to a contract extension and make him the closer next season.

I think the only way a team trades for him is if he were to waive his option for next season, which I think he said he would waive in a recent report. His option for 2012 calls for him to earn $17.5 million next year, with a $ 3.5 million buyout. His option becomes guaranteed if he finishes 55 games this season.

Could a team like the Rangers or Cardinals have interest in K-Rod? With Rangers closer Neftali Feliz blowing saves recently, the Rangers would appear to be one of the most interested in his services. The Rangers have also been linked to Padres closer Heath Bell, so it is no secret that they are in the market for a closer. Teams looking to deal a closer would be smart to text Rangers GM Jon Daniels in the coming days and weeks.

The Cardinals may or may not be in the market for a closer. They have changed their closer 3 times this season and are currently going with whoever has the hot hand, and that pitcher right now is Fernando Salas. But, should Salas blow a few saves, they could start calling teams looking for an established closer.

Last season, the Nationals took advantage of the Twins need for a closer by dealing Matt Capps to the Twins and received catching prospect Wilson Ramos in return. I assume that the Twins-Nationals deal last season set the market price for established closers: a major league ready bat. Ramos is close to becoming, if he isn't already, the Nationals everyday catcher.

By the way, should we give Rosenthat a knick name? I think "bowtie" works for me.