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Fantasy Player of the Day: Nationals First Baseman Mike Morse

Mike Morse has been a career minor leaguer for most of his career, but entered the 2011 season as the Nationals starting left fielder. He opened the season hitting just .211-.253-.268 in April. This after he hit something like 8 or 9 HRs in spring training this year. That slow start landed him on the bench with Laynce Nix taking over the starting left field job in Washington.

But the Nationals placed first baseman Adam Laroche on the DL on Monday, and it appears he will be out much longer than 15 days, so Morse has a chance to redeem himself, as he will be playing first base for the Nats going forward.

Well, Morse responded to his new lease on the 2011 season by going 3-5 with a HR, a grand slam, and 4 RBIs tonight. He is hitting over .400 in 39 May at bats with 4 HRs and 7 RBIs, and is now hitting .282-.305-.427 with 4 HRs and 16 RBIs this season. 

Morse's hot hitting of late will make Nationals fans, as well as fantasy owners, quickly forget Adam Laroche's terrible 2011 season thus far.