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Fake Teams Hits the Fantasy Links

ARLINGTON, TX - MAY 07:  Pitcher Derek Holland #45 of the Texas Rangers throws against the New York Yankees in the first inning at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington on May 7, 2011 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
ARLINGTON, TX - MAY 07: Pitcher Derek Holland #45 of the Texas Rangers throws against the New York Yankees in the first inning at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington on May 7, 2011 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Today is May 23, the 55th birthday of Buck Showalter and the 77th anniversary of the death of Bonnie & Clyde.  On this day in 1895, the Louisville Colonels were forced to forfeit their game against the Brooklyn Grooms in the third inning because they had run out of baseballs.  Fun fact about 1895: That year the National League rescinded the rule disallowing the intentional discoloring of the ball.  Here are your fantasy baseball links for today:

BB/9 Improvers Through the Lens of F-Strike% | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

A couple of weeks ago, Carson Cistulli found that there was a strong inverse relationship between a pitcher’s F-Strike% and BB/9.

BB/9 Regressers Through the Lens of F-Strike% | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

On Saturday, I looked at the five pitchers with the largest differential between their rank amongst all starters in BB/9 and their F-Strike% rank that would suggest an improved walk rate in the future. Today I check out the opposite, those pitchers whose F-Strike% would hint at a worse walk rate than what that pitcher has posted thus far.

The Trade Counsel: Buy Low or Sell Low? | Rotoprofessor

Top SP/RP Relievers | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball
Relievers that qualify as starters.

Fantasy Baseball Closer Hot Seat: Neftali Feliz, more |
The Dodgers have more bullpen chaos, and what's wrong with Neftali Feliz?

Super 2 Ownership Rates | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

All the ownership rates are near or less than 1%, so in most leagues these players are available. I have no idea how much the rates will continue to increase (that is why I am tracking the data), but it may be time to pick up any of these players if you plan on it.

The Pitching Planner: May 23 – 29 | Rotoprofessor

2011 Fantasy Baseball Two Start Pitchers: Week 9 |

Two-Start Pitchers: Week 8 | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Double Dipper: Dempster Diving | Fantasy Baseball Cafe
Two-start pitchers

Fantasy baseball rankings: 2-start pitchers - AL |

Fantasy baseball rankings: 2-start pitchers - NL |
Will Bud Norris' volatile game succeed in his 2-start week? What about the rest of the NL double dippers?

Fantasy Baseball Two Start Starters, Week 8 | Razzball

2011 Fantasy Baseball, Week 8: Sit Em, Start Em & Two Start Pitchers | The Fantasy Fix

Hitch, ditch, or pitch: Week 8 | The Hardball Times

I don’t think it’s time to necessarily give up on [Hanley] Ramirez, especially seeing that he’s showing improvement this week particularly, but I think it would be foolish not to test the market. If you can get some premium players, I would give it some serious thought.

Trolling the Wire: Week 8 Monday | Baseball By Paul

The Wire Troll: The Return of Domonic Brown | RotoRob

2011 Fantasy Baseball, Week 8 Waiver Wire: Joe Mather, Jon Jay Lead The Way | The Fantasy Fix

Under the Radar - Mixed Leagues |

Fantasy Beat: Value Picks at First, Third and DH | Baseball Prospectus

The middle of May marks the first time that fantasy owners should take a serious look at their lineups, deciding if their higher draft picks are worth cutting loose.

Fantasy Baseball Diamond Market: Domonic Brown, more |
Phillies pull the trigger on Domonic Brown. Any other bullets worth buying?

Follow the jump for more of the latest fantasy baseball news and analysis from around the web.

Buy Low Candidate: Is Aaron Hill Worth The Gamble? | Rotoprofessor

[Hill] has shown the ability to hit for power in the past and I have no reason to think that he has simply lost that.

Can Brett Lawrie Bring Similar Production To A Young David Wright? | Rotoprofessor

Buyer Beware: Brett Wallace | Fantasy Baseball Cafe

As a big lumbering first baseman, his 54.1 percent groundball rate is going to be his undoing in more ways than one.

Is Ian Kinsler a Good Trade Target? |

Depite his struggles, Kinsler is still on pace to score 87 runs, hit 18 HRs, knock in 61 runs, and swipe 29 bases. If his luck and average can improve, those numbers could all increase.

Gordon Beckham Is Broken | FanGraphs Baseball

Gordon Beckham‘s eroding plate discipline is a peculiar case. As a rookie, he possessed the batting approach of a grizzled veteran. He became more of a hacker last year. And this season, he’s showing the restraint of a blindfolded, candy-crazed birthday boy given the chance to crack open a piñata.

Take a Trip to Holland? | Sons of Roto

While one look at his FIP might suggest a buy-low, I'd take caution to pay full price for a ticket on that train. Holland has upside and is one bright young talent, that's for sure, but he's also struggling to find consistency at the big-league level, looking great one game and struggling with his command the next two.

Is Jake Peavy Really A Must-Add? | Roto Hardball

So while I agree with everyone who says that it's super cool that Peavy's back on a big league mound and pitching effectively, I'm too concerned about his efforts to reinvent himself as a pitcher and his ability to stay healthy to make a run at him for my fantasy teams.

Bedard Back From the Dead | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Bedard has been one of the better starters in the game over the past month, giving rise to the hope that those glory days from ’05 and ’06 aren’t gone forever.

Josh Tomlin Channels David Copperfield | Roto Hardball

Josh Tomlin isn't bad, he's just not good, and he's certainly not great. He's kind of the Doug Fister mold where every once in a while he spins a beauty and then for a couple of starts he looks like he's throwing underhanded.

What’s Wrong With Neftali Feliz? | FanGraphs Baseball

Aroldis Chapman, the Cuban Missile in Crisis | Baseball Analytics Blog

This season, the Cuban Missile, as the lefty is called, has 20 walks, 15 strikeouts and a 6.92 earned-run average over 13 innings. He has walked 12 batters and managed only four outs in his past four appearances, twice leaving before retiring a batter...As a result the Reds put him on the DL, more the Dysfunctional List than anything else.

Going to Ground: The Transformation of Charlie Morton | Beyond the Box Score

Like Joel Pineiro three years ago, Morton appears to have switched from primarily using a four-seam fastball to a two-seam "sinking" fastball (a sinker) as his bread and butter pitch this year. In addition, the sinker appears to have some additional sink to it this year that it didn't have last year.

Isringhausen & Howell: Back From Injuries | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

The Cheeks Weather Report (5/23/11) | Sons of Roto
Fantasy baseball weather report.

Prospect of the Day: Brandon Guyer, OF, Tampa Bay Rays | Minor League Ball

Scouts have always loved [Guyer's] athleticism. They project that he'll hit for a high batting average, show at least decent power, and demonstrate strong defensive skills at all three outfield positions, though his arm is just mediocre for right field.

Minor Accomplishments, Week 8 | Razzball
A look at major league baseball prospects during week eight for fantasy baseball purposes.

Fantasy Baseball Player Prospecting: Matt Dominguez, more |
The Florida Marlins' third base prospect resumes his trek to the bigs. Plus, how close is Desmond Jennings?

Hosmer's Odyssey Might Not Be Epic This Year | Razzball

In ESPN, Hosmer went from 1% to over 90% owned in a week. Since 40% of ESPN leagues are filled with abandoned owners, that tells me 130% of fantasy baseballers (<–my mom’s term) are excited about Hosmer. That’s your chance to sell high, you savvy fantasy owner you.

Dustin Ackley is on the doorstep of a call-up | Roto Hardball

In 134 games in 2010, Ackley hit a total of seven home runs. With six home runs already, Ackley is showing the ability to drive the baseball for power, which was a concern of fantasy owners.

Todd Frazier and Dayan Viciedo: Mining the Minors | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Wezen-Ball: "The Last Pennant Before Armageddon" | Baseball Prospectus
W.P. Kinsella is THE MAN.

The 20 Ugliest Caps Licensed By Major League Baseball | Baseball Nation
Somehow I missed this gem from last week. Gold.