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Fantasy Baseball: Closer Report for Week 8


News and Notes from Around the Closing Jobs

  • Andrew Bailey started a rehab assignment in AAA Sacramento on Friday, and could be back as soon as this week if he progresses well. I have to imagine that it will be his job almost immediately upon his return. Which is good, because I don't know if I can watch too many more "interesting" outings from  Brian Fuentes
  • The Mets have made it extremely clear that they will use Francisco Rodriguez whenever a save situation arises, despite the contract clause for 2012's season. I have to imagine that the Mets will look to trade him at some point during the season, as he could return a valuable prospect from the right team.
  • Probably the biggest climber on the rankings this week, manager Charlie Manuel came out on Saturday and stated that Ryan Madson would remain the closer even when Jose Contreras and Brad Lidge returned. We will see what happens when they do return, but it's definitely a good omen for Madson.
  • The high strikeout rate from Braves' closer Craig Kimbrel is wonderful. The high WHIP, not so much. Throw in that there is a pitcher right behind him in the pen who could take over the closing duties and never give them back, and Kimbrel makes me very nervous right now. You definitely should own Jonny Venters if you are at all concerned about Kimbrel.
  • As Chris Perez continues to pitch, his strikeout rate continues to drop. I think he's still going to get a lot of saves this year, but without K's or WHIP, his value is dropping significantly. 
  • The back end of the Dodgers' pen remains a complete mystery. Until they show that someone's going to get a chance more than twice, I can't see anyone in that bullpen getting even 15 saves the rest of the season.
My Rankings for the Remainder of the Year after the jump...


Closer Rankings from Today Forward

1. Brian Wilson (Giants)
2. Mariano Rivera (Yankees)
3. Heath Bell (Padres)
4. Joakim Soria (Royals)
5. Leo Nunez (Marlins)
6. Carlos Marmol (Cubs)
7. Francisco Rodriguez (Mets)
8. Huston Street (Rockies)
9. Jonathan Papelbon (Red Sox)
10. Neftali Feliz (Rangers)
11. J.J. Putz (Diamondbacks)
12. Ryan Madson (Phillies)
13. Jose Valverde (Tigers)
14. Francisco Cordero (Reds)
15. Craig Kimbrel (Braves)
16. John Axford (Brewers)
17. Drew Storen (Nationals)
18. Kyle Farnsworth (Rays)
19. Chris Perez (Indians)
20. Sergio Santos (White Sox)
21. Joel Hanrahan (Pirates)
22. Jordan Walden (Angels)
23. Kevin Gregg (Orioles)
24. Matt Capps (Twins)
25. Frank Francisco (Blue Jays)
26. Brandon League (Mariners)
27. Brian Fuentes (Athletics)
28. Mark Melancon (Astros
29. Fernando Salas (Cardinals)
30. Matt Guerrier / Mike MacDougal (Dodgers)

Top Non-Closing Relievers Most Likely to Get the Chance
  1. Jonny Venters (Braves)
  2. Octavio Dotel (Blue Jays)
  3. Scott Downs (Angels)
  4. Eduardo Sanchez (Cardinals)
  5. Mike Adams (Padres)
Trade Candidates Before July 31st
  1. Heath Bell
  2. Francisco Rodriguez
  3. Joakim Soria
  4. Joel Hanrahan
  5. Matt Capps