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Fantasy Player of the Day: Rockies First Baseman Jason Giambi Homers 3 Times

Rockies first baseman Jason Giambi has had a storied career with the steroids admission overshadowing a solid career which saw him hit 30+ HRs eight times in his career. He won the AL MVP back in 2000 when he hit .333-.476-.647 with 43 HRs and 137 RBIs. He lead the league in walks a total of four times, including in 2000. He finished in the top 5 in AL MVP voting in 2000-2002, and currently has 416 HRs, 1,369 RBIs and a career triple slash line of .281-.404-.523.

Tonight, Giambi brought us back a few years with a 3 HR game in Philadelphia. He went 3-5 with 3 HRs and 7 RBIs. HIs first bomb went into the first row of the second deck in right field at Citizen's Bank Park. Giambi had a chance at 4 straight home runs, but he struck out looking. 

Giambi is a pinch hitter/utility guy these days, so there is no reason to pick him up except in deep NL only leagues. I am sure he will be getting some start as the Rockies DH when they visit some AL ballparks in the next month or so.