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Weekly Confidence Poll - First to Forty (After Jose Bautista)

This week's poll is a simple one. Which of these players be the first to hit 40 HR in 2011? I'm sure many of you have read the insane facts about Jose Bautista, including his 63 HR in the past calendar year. Since he is out-homering the competition by such a large margin I decided to leave him off the poll. Curtis Granderson leads all remaining players with 14 HR and is on pace for 55. Ryan Braun's career high is 37 but he's on pace to top it with 45. Troy Tulowitzki is on pace for 43 with 11 so far. Lance Berkman and Alfonso Soriano also have 11. Both have hit 40 in the past. Adrian Beltre and Paul Konerko have 10 and have also hit 40. Many predicted Adrian Gonzalez would hit 40 or even 50 HR this year. He is on pace for 35 with 9. Power prodigy Mike Stanton is another highly touted slugger who some thought was capable of 40 this year. He is off pace for 40 with 8 HR but could surge as the season goes on.

If you think it will be somebody else (Pujols, Howard, Dunn) leave it in the comment section and why you think that player can pick up the pace and hit 40 this year.