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Fantasy Baseball: National League DH Options for this Weekend

This weekend, we get the first of many inter-league matchups where some National League teams will have to utliize a DH, while some American League teams will lose their DH this weekend.

National League

Cincinnati at Cleveland-the Reds will have the luxury of putting Jonny Gomes at DH, with Chris Heisey and Fred Lewis manning left field.

Mets at Yankees-the Mets have several hitters who could man the DH spot in their lineup including Fernando Martinez, Scott Hairston and recently called up Nick Evans.

Houston at Toronto-I can see the Astros DHing Carlos Lee all weekend, and playing Brian Bogusevic in left field.

Cubs at Boston-the Cubs recently sent Tyler Colvin down to AAA, so I see Jeff Baker and Reed Johnson taking turns DHing for the Cubs, or Johnson playing left field, with Alfonso Soriano DHing.

More DH Options after the jump:

Dodgers at White Sox-I can see Tony Gwynn getting at least one start in left field, maybe two, with Jay Gibbons and Jerry Sands taking turns DHing. Sands could also spell James Loney at first base if they face a left hander.

St. Louis at Kansas City-the Cardinals will probably have Lance Berkman DH a few games with Jon Jay manning right field in his place. If center fielder Colby Rasmus can't go, then Jay will play CF, with Allen Craig in right field and Berkman DHing. Then again, Tony LaRussa could put Albert Pujols at third base again, with Berkman at 1B, Craig in RF, Jay in CF and possibly Mark Hamilton DHing.

Atlanta at LA-the Braves will probably go with Eric Hinske and Joe Mather DHing this weekend in Anaheim.