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Fake Teams Hits the Fantasy Links

Happy Thursday.  Today is May 12, the 10th anniversary of the actual "worst" no-hitter ever thrown (my opinion, sorry Francisco Liriano), a 129-pitch performance by AJ Burnett that saw him throw only 65 strikes.  Burnett walked 9 batters and hit another, and he only had two 1-2-3 innings.  May 12 is also the birthday of Yogi Berra (1925) and the late Katharine Hepburn (1907).  Here are your fantasy baseball links for today:

The Fantasy Fix updates their SP ranks.

RotoExperts has what is essentially a buy and sell article, but they try to pair up potential trade partners.

Sons of Roto investigates each of the BABIP leaders from March and April.  Good stuff, because they don't just paint every pitcher with the same brush.

Fantasy Phenoms and RotoExperts both update their closer depth charts.

COSFBA has some waiver wire recommendations for owners needing help with home runs.

More waiver wire advice: KFFL and RotoGraphs.

Follow the jump for more of the latest fantasy baseball news and analysis from around the web.

FanGraphs ponders the underrated-ness of Matt Holliday.

Rotoprofessor is the latest to chime in on Aramis Ramirez, noting his historic lack of success in April and May.  Should you trade for him around June 1 and hope he turns it around?  I say no.

Fantasy Baseball 365 places the sell high tag on Grady Sizemore.

RotoGraphs pits Brandon Phillips and Dustin Pedroia against each other to see who will offer more value going forward.

Rotoprofessor wonders if Travis Snider will be able to give fantasy baseball owners something when he eventually returns to the Blue Jays.

RotoGraphs says don't buy Tyson Ross.

Lester's Legends notes John Axford's recent success after a very rough start to the season.

RotoGraphs attributes Joe Blanton's "success" to a new approach, but stops short of recommending a pick-up.

FanGraphs looks at PitchFX and determines that Aroldis Chapman's inconsistent release point is the reason for his lack of control.

Rotoprofessor has a comprehensive injury report.

John Sickels' Prospect of the Day is Darwin Barney.

Razzball has scouting reports on Danny Duffy and Mike Trout.

Roto Hardball checks in on some prospects in the lower minor leagues.

Baseball America and The Fantasy Fix have some prospect reports.

The New York Times laments the demise of the sports nickname, though within the article a sociologist claims that nicknames peaked before 1920.  I came across Toothpick Sam Jones today (he threw a no-hitter on May 12, 1955), and he had this to say about his nickname:

I'm strictly a flat-toothpick man. Those round ones get stuck between the bicuspids and molars. And I don't go much for those perfumed quill kind either—too dangerous.

Baseball is awesome.