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Regarding Dustin Ackley Post

I just wanted to let everyone know that Humbled Fan's excellent article on Dustin Ackley yesterday made Baseball Nation's front page this morning as a Best of the Network post. Check it out.

Great stuff!!

Best of the Network

Dustin Ackley: Decoded

FAKE TEAMS: Mariners prospect Dustin Ackley, up one side and down the other ... with some time for the middle, too.

FILE -- This is a June 7, 2009, file photo showing North Carolina's Dustin Ackley rounding third base after hitting a three-run home run during an NCAA super regional college baseball championship in Chapel Hill, N.C.  Ackley wasn't surprised that negotiations with the Seattle Mariners nearly went down to the final minute. He agreed to a five-year contract worth at least $7.5 million. He's expected to play in the outfield in the Mariners organization. (AP Photo/Sara D. Davis, File)