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Feeling Hot or Feeling Not?

We've finished the first month of the season and it's as good a time as ever to evaluate how your team has fared. Are you on top of the standings feeling like God's gift to rotisserie, riding Jose Bautista to the top of Mount Olympus? Or, are you dwelling in the dimly lit basement of your league, wondering if Hanley Ramirez was kidnapped in the offseason and we've all been watching an impostor? Or, are you right in the middle of the pack and in need of a few good moves to get back in the hunt?

Feel free to share how your season has shaped up in the comments section. Let us know you feel about your team? (Please, keep the profanity to a minimum.) Let us know who burned you by getting hot after you've dropped them, or the player who surprised you the most and became one of your team MVPs.