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Fake Teams Hits the Fantasy Links

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Good morning, fantasy baseballers.  On this day in 1897, Jack Doyle (first baseman for the original Baltimore Orioles) hit a groundball home run.  The ball rolled through the outfield and up a ladder that had been placed against the fence.  I would have liked to see the articles breaking down the fantasy implications of Doyle's home run the next day.  May 10 is also the anniversary of the Siege of Jerusalem in AD 70 and of US Supreme Court case Nix v. Hedden (1893), which ruled that tomatoes are vegetables.  I'll let you decide which event is more noteworthy.  Here are your fantasy baseball links for Tuesday, May 10:

The Fantasy Fix has a pretty nifty post that challenges widely held perceptions of players.

Fantasy Baseball 365 re-ranks first basemen.

Roto Hardball sets some benchmarks for advanced statistics for pitchers that you should be looking at if you play fantasy baseball.

RotoGraphs features 3 AL outfielders that are droppable.  I agree wholeheartedly with Juan Pierre and to a lesser degree with Denard Span, but if you're dropping Nick Markakis in my league I'm picking him up.

The Hardball Times rules on a case where an owner has abandoned his team.

Lester's Legends have some waiver recommendations for you if you need help with steals.

More waiver wire posts: The Fantasy Fix, KFFL, and RotoGraphs (regular and deep leagues).

Follow the jump for more of the latest fantasy baseball news and analysis from around the web.

Mike DiGiovanna of the LA Times notes that home runs in Angel Stadium are down this year.

Baseball Prospectus notes that pitchers simply aren't pitching to Miguel Cabrera, which helps explain his spike in bases on balls.  He's also swinging at balls outside the zone less than before.  Bottom line: He's locked in and there's nothing that suggests he's coming back down to earth any time soon.

Rotoprofessor says that Carlos Santana is going to be fine.

RotoGraphs calls Delmon Young a buy low candidate.

Federal Baseball asks if Ian Desmond is still the Nationals' Shortstop of the Future.

Rotoprofessor is waiting for Pedro Alvarez's turn-around.

RotoGraphs wonders if Jeff Francoeur is worth picking up.

Lester's Legends gives Matt Joyce a tepid vote of confidence.

Fantasy Baseball Cafe recommends stashing Juan Francisco in your DL spot.

RotoGraphs spotlights three pitchers that are set to return from injury soon.

The Diamondbacks may be ready to move Josh Collmenter to the starting rotation.  I wouldn't jump on him right away if they did (he's been very lucky so far this season), but he's definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Rotoprofessor has a comprehensive injury report.

Josh Hamilton is expected to take live batting practice on Friday, placing him ahead of his recovery schedule.

John Sickels' Prospect of the Day is Red Sox SS Jose Iglesias, who is going to contribute with the glove more than he does with the bat, at least for now.

Baseball America and KFFL have prospect reports.

Roto Hardball checks in on Eric Hosmer (link) and Bryce Harper (link).

Mike Trout continues to live up to the hype.

Finally, check out Bill James' recent appearance on The Colbert Report.