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Game of Thrones: Fantasy Baseball, week 2. The Evil Empire Strikes Back

Last week on Game of Thrones: Fantasy Baseball, King Albert Pulolsian found himself in a bloody battle with Tulo the Great of the Rockies Mountains. (Both of whom ultimately lost to the writer needing to get a life)

The people spoke and called for Tulo to be the new King of Rotonasia, but it will take more than 1 week of votes and a Royal Wedding to knock the King from his throne. For the war of baseball is an ever-changing landscape of ebbs and flows. One week, you are at the top of the proverbial mountain (Goblin Zobrists 15 RBI in one week won't make him the King) and the next week you find yourself lying in a ditch next to Yuniesky, the town wench.

Pujolsian's power has built for over a decade and the Kingdom won't fall so soon. However, continued votes in favor of Tulo the Great will knock Pujolsian down, bruised and bloodied and asking to leave Middle West for greener pastures.

This week Tulo the Great was not so great, and a representative from The Evil Empire has finally stepped up surrounded by his minions, while Hanley Ramirezon has been banished from Rotonasia!

The battle begins after the jump

King Albert Pujolsian of Middle West

Three-time Most Valuable Warrior Albert Pujolsian has not had the start to the battle that he had hoped for, or that the people expected: .245/.305/.453. Its his worst start to a season since 2007's April: .250/.343/.489.

The .245 average is the lowest he's had in a month since July of 2001, his first year of battle.

So is the King weak and old? Hardly. The King may just be waiting for his challengers to step up with their guard down, at which point he will beat them down so mercilessly that they'll never challenge him again.

However, his week was so slow that by next Sunday he may no longer hold the crown.

For the Week: .227/.292/.227, 0 XBH, 1 RBI.

Challenger, Tulo the Great of the Western Mountains

Things have been looking good for the Mountains of the Rockies lately. Not only did they gain Court Jester Michael Scott, but leader Tulo the Great has come within inches of defeating the King!

Alas, he would need another solid weak while the King was weak to perhaps take the Throne. So what was Tulo's response? Not much.

Perhaps he couldn't handle the pressure. Perhaps the crown was too heavy. Perhaps it's a small sample size. Naahhh.. definitely it was the pressure.

For the Week: 3-for-20, .150/.150/.250, 0 HR, 2 RBI.

Challenger, Brauny from the Land of Lager

One contender is not going so softly into that dark, chilly night. The strong and powerful Brauny seems to be getting better by the day. After his immensely strong rookie campaign, Brauny got weaker by the year. It seemed as though he had peaked too soon.

But this year he's grown into the warrior that all of his people had expected him to become when he was just a baby boy. Leading Rotonasia in runs (24) and home runs (10), Brauny appears to be one of the strongest warriors we've witnessed in years. Will it continue? Is he the new challenger to Pujolsian?

For the Week: .320/.346/.760, 3 HR, 5 RBI, 2 2B, 2 SB

New Challenger, Robinson Canotious from The Evil Empire

It wouldn't be long before we should have expected The Evil Empire to make their move. Though we might have expected Rodriguezen or Tex to make the first move, it was newcomer Canotious that has made the push for Rotonasia supremacy.

Perhaps overshadowed by the awesome power of the Empire, Canotious has been quietly effective and consistent throughout his career, but last seasons career high of 29 HR, 109 RBI, 2nd straight season of 200 hits, 2nd straight season of 103 Runs, 4th season of over 40 doubles, and finishing third in the Most Valuable Warrior vote put Canotious on the national map. Doing it all from 2nd base.

Now a followup season from Canotious and a monster week has put him in serious contention with Pujolsian and the rest of the warriors for King of Rotonasia. Is the Evil Empire going to be back on top?

For the Week: .308/.367/.808, 4 HR, 7 RBI, 2 SB, 8 R

Who do you believe to be the King?