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Down On The Farm: Excerpts from Baseball America Chat with Jim Callis

On Wednesday afternoon, Baseball America's Jim Callis held a chat over at BA's site, and here are a few excerpts:

Benny (Charleston): I understand Taillon is being held back in XST until the weather warms up. About how many pro innings can we expect out of him this year? Are the Pirates considering a promotion for him if he's legit, or will he remain in Low-A throughout the season no matter what?

Jim Callis: I would think 90-110. Sounds like the Pirates are doing with Taillon what the Rockies did with Tyler Matzek last year. Unless he just comes out and destroys SAL competition, I bet Taillon spends the year in low Class A.

Taillon could be the future ace of the Pirates, and they need him to reach his potential so they can put their losing seasons in the rearview mirror.

Dustin (British Columbia): When does Brett Lawrie get called up and does he have the bat to play at 3B?

Jim Callis: Around midseason. Jayson Nix won't keep him down when he's ready. Lawrie definitely has the bat for third base, we'll see on the defense though spring reports were promising.

Lawrie is a target in AL-only and keeper leagues if he wasn't drafted. This comments makes me wonder if Edwin Encarnacion is trade bait this season.

More BA chat excerpts after the jump:

Brian P. (Chicago): With the Pirates glaring need at SS, is there any chance Chase d'Arnaud is MLB-ready by 2012?

Jim Callis: Could see him ready in 2012, but I'm not sure he's a shortstop.

I own d'Arnaud in the UBA keeper league and he is quite available should I be in the running for the money this year.

Jason (Charlotte): Did you find it unusual that the Braves assigned Teheran to AAA ? Do you think there is any possible way we see him in Atl by July ?

Jim Callis: No. I think he's the best pitching prospect in baseball, and he pitched well in Double-A last year (albeit for just 40 innings). Wouldn't shock me at all to see him in the majors this summer.

With all the pitching the Braves have, where would Teheran fit? In the bullpen?

Sam (Jacksonville): Could you see the Braves using Tehran like the Rays did with David Price or like the Yankess did with Joba during the stretch run this year thanks

Jim Callis: I could. Also could see him being so good that they make room in the rotation.

Follow-up question, and I would be surprised if the Braves put him in their rotation this year, especially if they are in a pennant race.

Bryn (Grand Forks, ND): What do you think Twins prospect Miguel Sano's ceiling is? Would Miguel Cabrera be a stretch? Also do you see the Twins trading for a front line starter? King Felix? Thanks!

Jim Callis: A Cabrera ceiling is not a stretch, though Sano is still a long way from getting there. I don't see the Twins make a huge trade—that hasn't been their style. I really thought they should have ponied up a package with Aaron Hicks last summer to get Cliff Lee, and they didn't.

Oh, no you didn't. Jim. Miguel Cabrera comp for Sano?