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Fantasy Baseball 2011: Hitting The Links

Let's check out the fantasy links of interest for Friday:

Kevin Goldstein published a list of where his Top 101 prospects are starting the 2011 season. Very handy as well.

Baseball America is compiling a list of where every team's top 30 prospects are playing this year. impressive feat, and very useful for those who like to follow how their prospects are faring this year. 

Paul Sporer over at Baseball by Paul tells readers that history tells us not to go all hogwild over the Red Sox or Royals start to the 2011 season.

More fantasy links after the jump:

RotoExperts' Doug Anderson discusses some lesser know hitters and pitchers who could help you this year including Neil Walker, Brandon Belt and Alfonso Soriano. I own Soriano in two leagues and wish I had him in a few more.

RotoExperts' David Gonos discusses some pitchers and hitters who have had a slow start to the 2011 season including Freddie Freeman, Clay Buchholz and John Lackey. Notice a trend with the 3 names mentioned? Two Red Sox.

Fangraphs discusses some early season trade offers he has received from owners in several of his 6 fantasy leagues this season. Which offer was the worst? All three are pretty bad. 

Grant Brisbee from McCovey Chronicles tells fan how the Giants should handle Brandon Belt going forward now that the decision to call him up is all in the past.

John Sickels writes about Angels new closer Jordan Walden in his Prospect of the Day article over at Baseball Nation and Minor League Ball. Can he keep the closer job all year?

Beyond the Boxscore discusses 30 players who aren't necessarily going to be the best players on each respective team, but for the 2011 season they're likely to be integral to defining what exactly the meaning of the season was for each club. So here they are- one player to define every team's season.