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Should Marco Scutaro Owners Worry?

Marco Scutaro has been a very productive shortstop in fantasy baseball the past 3 years, but a series of injuries had scared off some owners. Ray and I picked up Scutaro for $1 in the BBA Blogkrieg auction despite the fact he has earned ten times that each of the past three years. $1 limits his risk for Ray and I but if you found yourself paying $5+ for him you may have reason to worry that he may not earn his wage this year.

Scutaro says he is past the shoulder injury that required him to alter his throwing and hitting mechanics but his numbers may be telling another story. The scrappy former untilityman got off to a 1-15 start with the lone hit being an infield single before going 2-2 last night with his first walk of the season. Fortunately for him Jed Lowrie is also struggling so Scuaro's job is secure for the time being. The Red Sox will give Scutaro every opportunity to hold onto the job as having Lowrie available to fill in around the diamond is a luxury they would like to retain.

If healthy, Scutaro is a solid #1 SS in fantasy as he will help in runs and OBP while not hurting you in any category. However, if Scutaro continues to struggle he will likely lose his starting role and any fantasy value will disappear. He is 35 years old this year and is showing signs that age is catching up to him. The odds have been stacked against him his entire career and he has found a way to overcome them but this year could be the year his luck runs out and his body fails to hold up all year.