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This Year's Jose Bautista... Edwin Jackson

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After being traded to the White Sox their pitching coach Don Cooper must have noticed something in Edwin Jackson's pitching mechanics that needed fixing. Adjustments were made and Jackson had a 3.01 xFIP and 9.24 K/9 with the White Sox. The adjustments made late in the year should carry over the way they did with Jose Bautista. He has increased velocity to go along with his re-discovered ability to keep the ball on the ground. The shift in mechanics seems to have affected his command the most as he went from 4.02 BB/9 with the Diamondbacks to 2.16 with the Sox. He had a 2.94 BB/9 in 2009 so there is reason to believe he can come close to repeating the number he put up with Chicago. If he can maintain the strikeout rate he will become one of the game's better pitchers and with some luck could be in the Cy Young conversation by the end of the year. I'm counting on Jackson to give me 15 wins and an ERA around 3.40. It won't get him many Cy Young votes but it will give me considerably more than what I had to pay for him. He has back to back seasons of 200+ innings and has proven himself durable. The main thing keeping him from being a top of the rotation pitcher has been a lack of strikeout punch and he seems to have remedied that.