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Fantasy Baseball 2011: NL-Only Keeper League Draft Results

The last of my 6 fantasy league drafts just ended. I have participated in this NL-Only, 5 x 5, 10-team keeper auction league for about 15 years now, and had set myself up with the following 10 keepers going into the draft:

Keeper List

C-Buster Posey-$5

2B-Dan Uggla-$22

3B-Martin Prado-$15

OF-Andrew McCutchen-$24

OF-Jason Heyward-$18

OF-Colby Rasmus-$12

OF-Chris Young-$15

SP-Chad Billingsley-$16

SP-Jordan Zimmerman-$1

CL-Ryan Franklin-$6

My draft results are after the jump;

C-Ramon Hernandez-$7

1B-Ty Wigginton-$8

CI-Chipper Jones-$8

SS-Paul Janish-$1

MI-Orlando Hudson-$5

OF-Matt Kemp-$38-acr's fave

U-Alfonso Soriano-$14

SP-Hiroki Kuroda-$14

SP-Adam Wainwright-$5-Jake Westbrook as DL replacement

CL-Craig Kimbrel-$16

SP-Jonathan Niese-$5

SP-Carlos Zambrano-$3

SP-R.A. Dickey-$2

I went into the draft looking to grab one of the top star hitters available and grabbed Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp. Some may not think Kemp can return to the hitter he was in 2009, but I think he does, and then some. As I have stated before, I think he can approach a 30-30-.290 season in 2011.

After drafting Kemp, I won the bidding on Dodgers starter Hiroki Kuroda at $14, and then grabbed Reds catcher Ramon Hernandez at $7. I may have overpaid on Hernandez looking back, but I wanted another starter at catcher. I rounded out my offense with some solid buys with Chipper Jones at $8, Orlando Hudson at $5 and Alfonso Soriano at $14. Chipper is an injury risk, but if he can stay healthy, he should hit .270 with double digit power. Soriano is still a pretty good power hitter who should contribute 20-25 HRs and around 75 RBIs.

I am happy with the rest of my pitching staff as well, as I added Braves closer Craig Kimbrel at $16, after a bidding war with my brother. I attempted to add a cheap closer later in the draft, but was unsuccessful, but did add some solid starters in Jonathan Niese, Carlos Zambrano, R.A. Dickey, and a $5 Adam Wainwright, who is excellent trade bait to a bailing team in the coming months. That is, assuming I am in the running for the top 3 spots. And speaking of bailing teams, there are at least a few that I know of that appear to be bailing based on the way they drafted.

One owner in this league took advantage of the lack of an innings minimum rule and drafted one closer and several middle reliever/set-up guys. He does have a $12 Tim Hudson, and I am considering offering my $6 Ryan Franklin for him, but may wait a bit before I do so.