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Closer Report for Week 4

Lots of changes this week in the rankings. The injuries in both Texas and Philadelphia have given opportunities for some saves if you need them badly enough. Throw in closer changes in St. Louis and Washington, and we've got quite a bit of movement this week.

You Can Count Your Saves Now. They're Going to Be There.

Yankees - Mariano Rivera (7)

Royals - Joakim Soria (6)

Giants - Brian Wilson (6)

Padres - Heath Bell (6)

These Guys Are Practically Money, but Something's Not Quite Right

Indians - Chris Perez (7) - Perez blew a save this week, and I'd like to see him get an opportunity again before signing off as him being just fine.

Cubs - Carlos Marmol (7)

Rockies - Huston Street (6)

Red Sox - Jonathan Papelbon (6)

Dodgers - Jonathan Broxton (6) - Broxton continues to look shaky, and it remains to be seen whether or not anyone else in the bullpen can pitch any more effectively.

Braves - Craig Kimbrel (6) - Kimbrel blew a save on Thursday, and Jonny Venters got a save on Sunday. But Venters had pitched the last 3 days, recording a save on Friday and Saturday. I wouldn't worry about him.

Tigers - Jose Valverde (6)

Marlins - Leo Nunez (6)

Brewers - John Axford (6)

Diamondbacks - J.J. Putz (7)

Mets - Francisco Rodriguez (6) - K-Rod had 2 saves over the weekend. It's good to see him getting some opportunities.

There's A Lot to Like Here, but You're Playing with Fire

Reds - Francisco Cordero (6)

Athletics - Brian Fuentes (6)

Phillies - Ryan Madson (6) - With Jose Contreras hitting the disabled list, Madson recorded the saves on Friday and Saturday. I think he's going to hold the job until one of either Contreras or Brad Lidge comes back, and wouldn't worry about the save from Bastardo on Sunday.

They Don't Have a Vice Grip on the Job, but There's a Lot of Upside Here

Blue Jays - Jon Rauch (6) - Frank Francisco came off the disabled list, but I think that Rauch is going to keep the job until he blows a save.

Cardinals - Mitchell Boggs (6) - Boggs recorded 2 saves after Ryan Franklin lost the closers' job for the Cardinals. For the foreseeable future, it's going to be Boggs.

Angels - Jordan Walden (6)

Twins - Matt Capps (6) - Joe Nathan got rocked again in an outing earlier in the week, so it could be awhile before Matt Capps loses this job.

Nationals - Drew Storen (6) - With 2 saves this week, it looks like Storen is firmly in the closers' job. I wouldn't necessarily drop Sean Burnett if you don't need the roster spot, but he is definitely not getting the saves going forward.

Rays - Kyle Farnsworth (6)

Pirates - Joel Hanrahan (6)

Saves are Coming, but Just Don't Expect Anything Else of Value

Astros - Brandon Lyon (6)

He's Going to Get Saves This Week, But He May Not Next Week

Rangers - Arthur Rhodes / Darren Oliver / Somebody else (7) - With the injury and resulting disabled list stint of Neftali Feliz, the Rangers are going with a closer by committee. The player they called up to take his roster spot (Cody Eppley) was the closer in AAA, but I don't think he'll see any save chances any time soon. Both Rhodes and Oliver recorded saves this weekend.

White Sox - Matt Thornton / Chris Sale / Sergio Santos / Anybody? (7) - Still no real idea who's getting the save chances. But it was good to see Matt Thornton throw a little better in his last outing.

Mariners - Brandon League (6) - David Aardsma is getting closer to returning, having 3 rehab outings this week. I honestly think that the Mariners are hoping to get Aardsma back in the closer's role so that they can pump up his trade value.

Orioles - Kevin Gregg / Koji Uehara (7) - When your team doesn't win a single game all week, it's hard to get a save opportunity. Hopefully you're not relying on Gregg as one of your top 2 closers.