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Fake Teams Fantasy Player of the Day: Marlins Starter Ricky Nolaso

Before the season started, as I was preparing for my 6 fantasy drafts within 8 days at the end of March-beginning of April, I wrote here that I would stay away from Marlins starter Ricky Nolasco in my leagues. The reason is that I have owned him in at least one league for each of the last thee seasons, and he has not been good for the last two years.

Well, Nolasco must have known I don't own him in any league as he has started the 2011 season pitching very well. On Wednesday night, he shutout the Pirates for 7 innings, giving up just 4 hits, walking just one and striking out 8. He is now 2-0 on the season, with an ERA of 3.00, a WHIP of 1.00 and a K/BB rate of 18-2. He has allowed two runs or less in 3 of his 4 starts this season.

Nolasco, if I am not mistaken, is looking for a long term contract with the Marlins after this season, and is doing a great job to drive up his value. Fantasy owners have been waiting for him to put all his talent together on the mound, and it appears he is doing just that. If for some reason the Marlins decide they can't sign him long-term, he will bring back alot in a trade deadline deal, should they trade him.