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Fantasy Baseball 2011: UBA NL-Only League Draft Results

I posted my keeper list for the UBA NL-only keeper league a few days ago, and today, I have the results of my draft. The draft was held last night in NYC. Here is my keeper list again, along with the draft results:

Keeper List

1B-Adam Laroche-$20 0

2B-Dan Uggla-$24 S1

MI-Danny Espinosa-$10 S1

3B-Ryan Zimmernan-$22 0

CI-Pedro Alvarez-$5 S1

OF-Jason Heyward-$10 S1

OF-Andrew McCutchen-$20 L2

OF-Mike Stanton-$5 S1

OF-Jose Tabata-$5 S1

P-Drew Storen-$5 S1

P-Craig Kinbrel-$10 S1

P-Ubaldo Jimenez-$4 0

P-Mat Latos-$10 0

P-Daniel Hudson-$5 0

P-Kenley Jansen-$10 S1

Check out the rest of my draft results after the jump:



C-Wilson Ramos-$7 S2

C-Gerald Laird-$1 S2

SS-Angel Sanchez-$1 S2

OF-Matt Kemp-$47 S2

U-Skip Schumaker-$3 S2

U-Gerardo Parra-$2 S2

P-J.J. Putz-$27 S2

P-Mike Leake-$1 S2

P-Jason Hammel-$1 S2

It is not a surprise that i drafted Kemp, and I knew I would have to pay up for him. I was bid up by Eric, who used to run Fake Teams, and now runs his own site Fantasy Alpha. I went into the draft looking to buy either Kemp, Hanley Ramirez, Troy Tulowitzki or Albert Pujols. When Hanley went off the board for $50, Pujols for $52, and Tulowitzki for $44, I had to make a move on Kemp. Looking back, I am happy with the buy, but wonder if I could have bought Pujols at $53. Cardinals outfielder Matt Holliday fetched $38 even though he will miss some time to an appendectomy, while Diamondbacks outfielder Justin Upton was bought for $39 and Astros outfielder Hunter Pence went for $41, which was a bit of a surprise. Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard was bid up to $42.

I also wanted another closer just in case either Craig Kimbrel or Drew Storen do no keep/win the closer job on their respective teams. I bid on several closers before winning the bidding on Diamondbacks closer J.J. Putz for $27. I am not crazy about the price paid, especially when Jonathan Broxton went for $23 and Francisco Rodriguez went for $26. Other closer prices are as follows: Ryan Franklin-$26, Jose Contreras-$16, Heath Bell-$26 and Brian Wilson-$30.

I think my lineup should be fine, but am worried about my starting pitchers. I nominated Mike Leake with the thought someone might bid $2, but no one bit. I do like the buy of Jason Hammel at $1, as I think he can improve upon his 2010 season.

The surprise of the draft was when the new owner in the league bid up Giants rookie Brandon Belt to $25. But there were some solid buys in the auction, and they are as follows:

Shaun Marcum-$15

Jose Lopez-$10

Edison Volquez-$1-I wanted him, but was dollared out at that point

Jose Contreras-$16-if he keeps the closer job for most of the season, he is a steal

I will post the results of the minor league portion of the UBA draft tomorrow.