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BBA Blogzkrieg Update

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Ray and I have teamed up to take on some of the best and brightest from around the baseball blogiverse. We went with a stars and scrubs strategy and made sure to get the players we wanted. Ray took a lot a flack for what many thought was an over-payment for Matt Kemp. He is looking like a genius now as Kemp has been on fire to start the year.

Our hitters got off to a slow start with Carl Crawford struggling and Stephen Drew out of the lineup. However, our lineup has turned it on lately and they have carried us to the top of the rankings. And then some!

We sit atop the leaderboard with 106 points. 22.5 points ahead of our closest competitor. Our points breakdown by category looks like this R:10 HR: 7 RBI: 11 SB: 13 AVG: 13 K: 13 W: 12 SV: 6 ERA: 9 WHIP: 12

Shane Victorino was the steal of the auction in my opinion as we got him for only $13 or something like that. Miguel Cabrera was also a bargain at $38 considering Pujols went for $47 if I remember correctly. My faith in Dan Haren has been paying off as I stare at the 1 in the hit column tonight. I think the other owners will be kicking themselves for not raising his bid to $20.

Our pitching has been a bit of a surprise as we went with a lot of scrubs but we have been bang on with our selections. A.J. Burnett, Travis Wood and Edwin Jackson have served us well. Brian Fuentes and Sean Burnett have done a nice job getting us points in saves.

Our stars should be able to maintain our lead all year long and a plethora of multi-eligible players should insure us against any injuries.