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Fantasy Baseball 2011: Hitting The Fantasy Links

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Before I get to the fantasy links of the day, how often do you read or hear someone use the term "epic" to describe something they have read or seen? I think the term is used too often to describe ordinary work. I saw it used 3 times as I was checking out the baseball sites I visit daily.

Here are the fantasy links of interest for Wednesday:

Josh Hamilton is going on the DL, so Rotohardball's Zach Sanders looks at how this move will affect the fantasy value of his teammates. David Murphy, who I mentioned as a fantasy sleeper in the offseason, is one of the players discussed.

Rotohardball's Matthew Falzano asks the question: "Have you ever read a Jamey Carroll fantasy article? Dare you...". In this article, he takes a look at the fantasy impact of the Rafael Furcal injury and tells you what you can expect from Jamey Carroll while he is out.

More fantasy links after the jump:

Marcas Grant from Through The Fence Baseball tells you why Dodgers center fielder Matt Kemp is on the cusp of an MVP season. Yeah Yeah. I guess i am not the only one high on Kemp this year.

Ron Cardno from Rotoprofessor tells you why he is done with Mark Reynolds....for good. He hits in a hitters park, so the power should be nice, but everything else hurts your fantasy team.

Tamer Chamma from takes a look at Who's Hot and Who's Not, and tells you who he is buying and selling from the list.

Tim McCullough from takes a look at four players who own certain skills who could help your fantasy team this year, including Jonny Gomes and Edwin Jackson.

Grant Brisbee from Baseball Nation and McCovey Chronicles takes a look at the career of Alex Gordon, outfielder for the Kansas City Royals, and wonders if Gordon can be part of the Royals future.

John Sickels writes about Angels pitching prospect Tyler Chatwood in his Prospect of the Day over at Baseball Nation and Minor League Ball.

A Pirates fan over at Bucs Dugout, SB Nation's Pirates fan site, writes a lengthy fanpost giving his projections for Jose Tabata this year. As a Tabata owner, I would be very happy with his projection.