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Introducing the Next Great Fantasy Catcher: Joshronny Tholepaulino

The Mets may have themselves one of the best hitting catchers in the NL and he goes by the name Joshronny Tholepaulino. Joshronny has spent his career hitting righties to the tune of .309/.382/.401 for a 117 wrc+ according to Fangraphs. Tholepaulino has also hit lefties at a .338/.390/.491 clip for a 131 wrc+.

By playing Josh Thole against all righties and Ronny Paulino against all lefties they have a platoon that would make the Mets among the leaders for catcher production. Thole can't hit lefties and Paulino can't hit righties so the platoon should be obvious and Terry Collins should employ it.Thole holds more future value so the Mets might want to give him a chance to prove he can hit lefties

Fantasy owners in NL-only leagues that have daily rosters could capitalize on this by selecting both backstops and alternating them when they're in the lineup. Acquiring these players should be pretty easy and could be done with your final few picks meaning you could get mid round production for two late round picks. Both are well above average hitters when facing the proper handed pitcher and they may give you a competitive edge.

If the Mets decide to let Thole prove himself this strategy won't work but it can also be applied to other split heavy players  in daily lineup leagues. Who are some split heavy platoons that could be used at other positions?