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LABR AL-Only Draft Results

Steve Gardner over at USA Today posted some drafts results from the LABR AL-Only draft that took place last night here.

Here is Gardner's team:

Steve Gardner, USA TODAY (7th year, 1 title, @sgardnerUSAT)

C: K. Suzuki $16

C: K. Schoppach $3

1B: K. Morales $18

2B: C. Figgins $17

SS: B. Wood $2

3B: E. Longoria $37

MI: J. Lowrie $8

CI: J. Smoak $11

OF: S. Choo $28

OF: D. DeJesus $8

OF: M. Joyce $10

OF: L. Cain $8

OF: D. DeJesus $8

UT: L. Scott $15

P: J. Papelbon $20

P: J. Weaver $21

P: J. Lackey $10

P: J. Shields $14

P: J.P. Howell $1

P: B. Cecil $8

P: J. Arrieta $1

P: M. Rzepczynski $1

P: B. Jenks $1

Click on the link and check out the rest of the results he posted. Time to make some breakfast.