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Fantasy Baseball 2011: Hitting The Links

Here are Thursday links of interest

Ray Flowers from wrote this article a few weeks ago,but is quite interesting. He has come up with a new pitching metric called SWIP, which is (K - BB)/ IP.

Part II of the Ray Flowers artice on SWIP, where he posts the 2010 leaders in SWIP, which includes a pitcher i drafted in the Blog Wars draft on Sunday night.

Fangraph's David Golebiewski thinks fantasy owners should draft Diamondbacks first baseman Russell Branyan, and I have to agree. Possible 25-30 HRs from Branyan in an everyday role.

Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier's made some interesting comments after Monday's game, hinting that this year will be his last year in LA, even though he doesn't become a free agent till after the 2012 season.

Ray Flowers from posted a very detailed article, including exhaustive research, asking where do saves come from. His conclusion may surprise some fantasy owners.

Fangraph's Jeff Zimmerman discusses the choices fantasy owners have to make when utilizing their FAAB budget.

Paul Sporer, from Baseball by Paul, posts his NL bold predictions. I can actually see a few of these actually happening, but maybe not this year.