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Fantasy Baseball 2011: NL-Only Draft Results

I completed my first home league draft last night, a 30 round, 10 team, NL-Only redraft league. I went into the draft targeting 4 guys in the first 4 rounds, and got 3 of them. But, I think I could have gotten all 4 if I played my cards right.

My draft results after the jump:

I picked 7th in this 10 team draft, and here is how my draft went:

1-Matt Kemp-David Wright and Roy Halladay went right after my pick

2-Andrew McCutchen

3-Clayton Kershaw-I think I could have gotten him in the 4th round. I talked all week about taking Chris Young here, and did not.

4-Drew Stubbs-since I didn't get Young, I picked Stubbs over Jay Bruce and Mike Stanton

5-Casey McGehee

6-Jose Tabata

7-Adam Laroche

8-Neil Walker

9-Dan Hudson

10-John Axford

11-Hiroki Kuroda

12-Ty Wigginton-I think he will get more ABs than Helton and Stewart, and will play both corner infield and outfield spots.

13-Edison Volquez

14-Jhoulys Chacin

15-Jose Lopez

16-Jonathan Niese

17-Carlos Ruiz

18-Brad Emaus-at SS!! CBS Sportsline listed him as a SS.

19-Sean Burnett

20-Mark DeRosa

21-Mike Minor

22-Kenley Jansen

23-Roger Bernadhina

24-Jonathan Herrera

25-Ramon Hernandez-one catcher league, need a backup

26-David Hernandez-is he the backup closer in Arizona?

27-Matt Lindstrom-backup closer in Colorado?

28-Kyle Blanks-does he start at 1B when SD is out of the race?

29- Jarrod Parker-could help this year

30-Jerry Sands-could he be starting in LF this year?

I am still steaming over not picking Chris Young in the 3rd round, but Kershaw is no slouch. I have plenty of speed with Kemp, McCutchen, Tabata and Stubbs. I might be a little light in the RBI department, but I think guys like Wigginton, Lopez and DeRosa could provide some pop this year.

I need another closer, but wonder how long Burnett will hold down the job in Washington.

Some early picks:

Buster Posey-drafted in 2nd round, #16 overall

Jason Heyward-2nd round, #15 overall

Matt Kemp-to me, 7th overall

Jimmy Rollins-3rd round

Pedro Alvarez-last pick of 4th round

Angel Pagan-4th round, #39 overall

Chase Utley-2nd pick, 7th round