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What's Your Strategy?

A winning fantasy baseball team can be built a number of ways and I was wondering if the readers of Fake Teams would share their strategies. Do you wait for a certain round to draft pitchers or do you make sure you have at least one ace on your staff then fill out the rest of your rotation with high upside prospects? Do you have your own version of the Lima plan or some fancy platoon technique you use?

Personally I make sure to have a lot of positional flexibility with my roster. Last year I had players like Martin Prado, Jhonny Peralta and Garrett Jones moving from position to position ensuring I had a competent bat at every spot in my lineup no matter what injuries or slumps struck my team. Another strategy I use is during head to head games if I'm facing an opponent with a stronger team or more two start pitchers I will roster my streakier players in hopes they have one of their big weeks and earn more points than I would get from a more consistent player. It's a risky move but if I feel I need something big to win I will employ it and it has worked for me on a number of occasions.

Please feel free to share your winning ways in the comments. Also if you have any trading techniques or some cool form of hypnosis that convinces opposing owners to trade you Albert Pujols and Joe Mauer for Nick Johnson, Kyle Kendrick and a bag of hammers please do share.