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Fake Teams Blog Wars Draft Results

I participated in the Blog Wars expert league auction draft last night. It's a 14 team, 5 x 5, 25 man roster league with guys from Rotoexperts, Razzball, Fantasy Sherpa, Rotoprofessor, and others.

Here are my draft results:

C-Hank Conger-$1

C-Ryan Hanigan-$1

1B-Prince Fielder-$38

2B-Dan Uggla-$24

SS-Erick Aybar-$1

3B-Aramis Ramirez-$17

MI-Danny Espinosa-$9

CI-Casey McGehee-$14

OF-Matt Kemp-$35

OF-Chris Young-$18

OF-Vlad Guerrero-$9

OF-David Murphy-$1

OF-Jonny Gomes-$1

UT-Chris Johnson-$1

My pitching staff and bench are after the jump:

P-Roy Halladay-$37

P-Dan Haren-$17

P-Chad Billingsley-$14

P-Gio Gonzalez-$9

P-Drew Storen-$6

P-R.A. Dickey-$2

P-Jonathan Niese-$1

P-Mike Minor-$1

BN-Clay Hensley-$1

BN-Wilton Lopez-$1

BN-Cody Ross-$1

I lost out on the bidding for a few SB guys that I targeted, and probably spent too much on Fielder and Halladay, but my strategy was to draft Halladay and surround him with under $10 pitchers, which sorta worked, but I like Haren and Billingsley this year, so I was willing to go the extra few bucks on them. I liked my buys of Dickey, Niese and Minor at the end of the draft.

I targeted Alcides Escobar for my SS, but was dollared out after bidding on Vlad Guerrero. I think my roster is fine power wise, but may need some help in BA and SBs. I am very light in saves, and will need plenty of luck to grab more saves with Lopez and Hensley. I will try to make a deal for a closer later in the year.

I liked the Murphy buy at a $1, as well as paying $18 for Chris Young, who I targeted. I am happy with the McGehee buy at $14, and hope he can duplicate his 2010 season.

My pitching staff is solid, with the exception of just one closer. I think I can compete in the wins and strikeouts categories with Halladay, Haren, Billingsley and Gonzalez leading the way.