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Fake Teams Participating in Blog Wars Mixed League Auction

It's draft week for me, with the Blog Wars mixed auction experts draft this evening at 8pm EST. On Tuesday, I have an NL-Only redraft league draft. I have my big money NL-Only redraft league draft on Thursday, followed by the UBA NL-Only keeper auction league draft  on Friday evening in NYC. Then I am hosting another NL-only auction league draft at my house on Sunday.

I have never participated in a mixed league auction, and am pondering several draft strategies. Jeremy and I used a stars and scrubs strategy in the BBA Blogzkrieg auction last week, but I wanted to try a different strategy something this evening.

I am pondering punting a category, and stars and scrubs is the easiest to plan out I think, but I may utilize a strategy I have used in a few other leagues in the past.

I will post my draft results on Monday, or Tuesday the latest.