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Fake Teams Sunday Morning Week In Review

To highlight some of our best articles written during the week that some readers may miss, I am going to provide links to the articles we have written in the previous week.

Looking for some hitting and pitching sleepers on draft day. Look no further.

Jeremy wrote up his rebound candidates, and broke them down by division.

We held a fantasy baseball chat on Wednesday evening, and here is a link.

Looking for some bounceback candidates on draft day? Here are Jeremy's thoughts on several, by position.

Every year there are players who will underperform expectations, and here are some bust candidates you should stay away from.

Looking for some relievers who could be closing by the end of 2011? Here are a few.

More after the jump:

Ray updated his starting pitcher rankings for 2011 where he dropped Josh Johnson in Part 1 and moved Dan Haren to the top of the 13-24 starting pitchers in Part 2.

Matt Laporta has disappointed fantasy owners, but Jeremy discusses why you should be patient with him in this article.

Jeremy wrote an excellent piece on 10 things every baseball fan should do this year. I do #3 ALOT, and would love to go on a baseball roadtrip. 

Jeremy discussed Dan Haren and Josh Johnson as guys who will outperform their draft positions on draft day.

I interviewed the managers for Purple Row and Talking Chop.


Jeremy wrote an article looking at guys who could experience a sophomore slump in 2011, along with some guys who could have improve in their 2nd year in the majors.

Last weekend, the Tout Wars experts leagues held their AL-OnlyNL-Only and mixed league drafts, and within the links you can find the results for each draft.

ZombieMonta wrote about Deron Williams and the status of his injury.

Jeremy praised the value of Astros pitcher Brett Myers in 2011.

Matt discussed some players you should pick up for your fantasy hockey team in his Hockey Rewind.