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Off-Topic: For a Good Laugh

Last night, I accidentally emailed the SB Nation baseball group with some questions I posed to the Boston Red Sox site manager over at Over the Monster. Well, to my surprise, I got a response. From the Rockies manager over at Purple Row. Here is what Andrew Martin responded to my question on Red Sox outfielder JD Drew:

6. JD Drew-happy to see him go after this season or no? He can't stay healthy.

Listen, JD Drew is probably the worst neighbor I've ever had. I've been living in this neighborhood for nearly 5 years now, and not once has he accepted one of my Pool Party / BBBQ invitations. Sure, it's an above-ground pool, but I'm SORRY that we can't afford something dug out. It's not as if he's a recluse, he keeps us up all damn weekend with his stupid "Disco or Bust" theme parties. What I REALLY don't understand is how he's able to mow his lawn AND simultaneously run his leaf blower at 7AM after one of those stupid ragers. Does the man ever sleep? I swear, he's living on borrowed time. That's another thing, he borrowed my power sander about 4 months ago and never seems to be home when I come to reclaim it. His car's in the driveway! I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE, JD!
Let me know if you want to read Andrew's responses on the other questions I had about the Red Sox.