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Keeper List Decision Time: NL-Only League

Tomorrow I have to submit my keeper list in my one of my NL-only keeper leagues. I have been an owner in this 5 x 5 league for about 15 years now. Before I give my list, here are two trades I made this morning:

Trade #1: I traded a $28 Tim Lincecum for a $15 Martin Prado and a $6 Ryan Franklin

Trade #2: I traded a $4 Ian Desmond and a $3 Madison Bumgarner for a $15 Chris Young-the outfielder

I made these deals as I had more than the maximum 10 keepers, and I don't like paying up for starting pitchers, even Tim Lincecum.

My keeper list is after the jump:

Keeper List

C-Buster Posey-$5

2B-Dan Uggla-$22

3B-Martin Prado-$15

OF-Andrew McCutchen-$24

OF-Jason Heyward-$18

OF-Colby Rasmus-$12

OF-Chris Young-$15

SP-Chad Billingsley-$16

SP-Jordan Zimmerman-$1

CL-Ryan Franklin-$6

These 10 keepers will cost me $134 of my $260 budget. I also have a $14 Stephen Strasburg, a $4 Jonny Gomes and a $25 Andre Ethier that I am not keeping. Should I keep Gomes or Ethier over anyone on my keeper list? I am throwing Strasburg back due to him being out most, if not all, year.